How Technology Is Boosting the Experience of Gaming In 2021


You might be an avid gamer and might be investing a lot in your gaming gears and new games but chances are that you belong to that majority who have no idea where the gaming industry is heading! If we talk numbers here, we can tell you that the video games market is set to reach a worth of $110 billion by the year 2022, which is next year! So, the 2.5 billion video gamers from across the globe are actually adding to the growth and development of the gaming industry. Here are the tips on building your gaming PC.

Experience of Gaming In 2021

Experience of Gaming In 2019
Experience of Gaming In 2021

Such an expansion of the gaming world is not just because of the fact that people are interested in playing games but there are other reasons as well. For starters, the regular updates in technology and its usage in the world of games is one of the biggest reasons behind this level of growth. With technology polishing the face of gaming every day, more and the number of people are getting interested in video games. We can see that with the latest gaming obsession brought among users by PUBG, Fortnite, and Anthem and if we go a little bit back in time, we can also include Pokemon Go in the list.

And with the availability of high-performing video games for mobile phones and the availability of high-speed internet connections, things have gotten quite handier for gamers. They can access and play their games anytime and anywhere!

Now, talking about the growing obsession for games among users, let us see how things have changed in the world of gaming this year and how technology has played its part for it.

  •  Progression of the Battle Royale Games

Tell gaming fanatics there is a new battle royale game and they will snap into action right away! It is a different kind of fun to get online and explore the thrill of survival and adventures. The Battle Royale multilayer games are quite a lot in trend in the year 2021, and again, PUBG is a classic example of this!

If you’re keeping up with the latest gaming trends, you must be aware of how trending PUBG was when it was first dropped in. In schools, colleges, and even offices, people put all their work aside and got immersed in this very interesting game. Though the game occupies your phone till the time you play it but the thrill that it offers is a great addiction for players.

And thus, PUBG has been widely appreciated and loved by the users. The other games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Battlefield 5 Firestorm are also in the list of these immersive Battle Royale games! After a great success of these games, people have dived even deeper into the world of battle royale gaming and have invested in gaming gears like a gaming keyboard, graphics card, and trending mouse bungee.

So, a boost and development in the Battle Royale sector of gaming has really generated a lot of revenue and has given a lot of users to the gaming industry.

  • Infusion of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with Games

The introduction of AR technology is nothing new in the world of gaming. Talk about Pokemon Go and you will know that AR has been there in video games for a while now.

Now, with AR being one of the most sought-after technologies these days, newer innovations are being done under it. Video games are now utilizing this technology on quite a wider level. As for examples, the mobile games like Army of Robots, Beer Pong AR, Ingress, and more have been enjoying a great surge in downloads because of the AR technology behind them. 

With so many games still in the markets, AR is still at its blooming stage when we talk about using this technology in the gaming industry. So, there is still a lot of untapped goodness of AR that can make the experience of gaming even better!

To add to your experience of AR gaming, you can invest in high-quality gaming gear like AR headsets, trending mouse bungee, touch gears, and more. Along with AR, VR technology is also quite fascinating when it is used for the creation of games. It brings out the creativity in a person’s mind and adds a bit of realistic touch to your games.

  • More of Cross-Platform Games

Over time, different groups or communities of gamers have developed based on the type of games they play, the technology they use, the gear they find interesting, and what not!

This has led to web wars and rivalries among gamers! Sounds funny but that is true!

And the biggest one by far is between the users of Xbox and PS4. If you haven’t already, try and witness the comment war between the users of these two gaming systems on social media posts and discussion portals. You will really enjoy how dedicatedly they support their favourite gaming consoles! 

Now, this has caused a great dilemma for game manufacturers. They never want to lose a whole chunk of their target audience because these users only use one particular form of a gaming console, with which the game is not compatible. So, instead of making games entirely differently for different types of consoles, devices, systems, and software, the manufacturers have started tapping into the integrity of cross-platform games. These games are created universally for all types of operating systems, gear, and software.

So, there is no need to divide the games and discriminate them just because they are compatible with one particular technology! Cross-platform games are actually changing the game in the industry!

  • The Introduction of Cloud Gaming

Have you ever wished for every game to run just fine on any PC or laptop you own? No enhanced gear, no extra graphics cards, no additional hardware requirements, and no software updates!

That’s possible, maybe in a perfect world of gaming!

Well, 2021 is the year when the perfect world is going to turn into a huge reality for gaming enthusiasts! Now, how is this possible, you ask?

The rumour has it that a number of tech giants like Google have been planning the inception of Cloud Gaming – a gaming technology that allows users to play games online, regardless of the device or system that they’re using. Cloud Gaming is a fun way to play games using your internet only. And the speed of your connection is the only thing to decide whether your game will be smooth and fun or just a lagging bunch of graphics!

GeForce Now, Stream and Shadow are the potential names of some technologies that have the buzz of introducing Cloud Gaming very soon!  So, while the idea is still in the pipeline, we advise you to fix your internet connections and get the best ones – because you never know when Cloud Gaming comes into being!

With this, we have managed to summarize some of the most important technology trends that have or are about to shake the world of gaming and make it a better one! If you’re a gaming enthusiast and have been waiting for newer challenges and thrills with your video games, keep yourself updated with these trends and you’ll be well-prepared to make the most out of them!

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