6 Business Must-Haves For Assured Success in 2020


As we bring down the curtains on a decade and roll towards a new one, businesses have already started equipping themselves to tap the potential of 2020. From AI applications to voice search to new norms of SEO – 2020 is going to be a big year for businesses. If 2019 hasn’t been your year, this might just be. To continue your quest for success, you need to prepare your business with the 2020 essentials to duck from the possible corporate challenges.

If you are feeling a little lost, here is go-to list at a glance so that you are battle-ready for all that may come.

6 Business Essentials To Capitalize On For This Decade

Here are the 6 most crucial things you need to gift to your business to usher success into your company in 2020 and further.

6 Business Must-Haves For Assured Success in 2020

#1. Seamless voice search compatibility for better leads

According to surveys, 50% of the search queries made by customers will be made using voice search in 2020. Voice search has been around for quite some time now but has achieved the level of seamlessness, leading to 90% of users complaining about poor quality results. And the biggest disparity remains in the advancements made for smartphones while search engines and websites still remain outdated. Most talkback features fail to process most dictions, which may lead to loss of valuable leads. So your speech recognition bot on your website clearly won’t be enough anymore.

You need to make sure that it can process requests with speech defects, unclear words and unfamiliar dictions. Also, 2020 is going to be all about bridging the difference between text and voice requests. For instance, a user may type in phrases like assignment help Australia. But, with talkback, the search query may become: “top assignment help service provider” Ergo, you must be SEO-ready for both the searches.

#2. All-rounder chatbots for more engagement

According to Salesforce, 56% of users prefer chatbots for customer care agents over sales assistants – sad but true! However, when we come to robots, do not just limit them to after-sales customer service. 2020 is going to be the year of chatbots – the year when you let the bots take over. So you must use chatbots to drive engagements. You can program the bots for data extraction from the visitors and users of your website and use the information to offer a personalized experience to them.

You can let informative bots act as shopping assistants to help your users choose what to buy. But that’s not all! Quite like voice search, you need to make the service seamless for your users. More the half the brand sites have chatbots today and yet fail to get the job done due to low-quality developments. To increase conversion, you have to make the bots simpler to use and churn out important data. For that, you need to make sure that the bots respond immediately and provide accurate and relevant answers.

#3. Video content manager is a must

In the last few years, video marketing has crawled up the to the first rank in the list of favourite content formats and it is not going to come down in 2020 either. 73% of business houses have reported how video content has worked wonder for their conversions. You see, starting a piece of content with a high-quality short video increases your chances to attract attention faster.

Moreover, videos help users understand the product or service better, thus leading to more sales. Suppose you buy a music system. Although there is a product manual with detailed instructions, a demo video will always be easier to follow. So you need to hire competent videographers and content managers who can offer the right blend of video, high-quality pictures and relevant but limited text.

#4. Social handles need to be active

Today, social media is an irreplaceable part of a business’ advertising plan, and 2020 is just going to make the resolver stronger. With more than one and a half billion users using Facebook every 7 seconds, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, is a haven for better conversions. So, you might as well get your team to brainstorm for a social campaign for the coming year.

Instagram can be the doorway to the Narnia of better brand value and sales as well when played to its strength. While talking about social media, it is also impossible to miss WhatsApp which has a database of a whopping 1.3 billion active users. So, do not forget to add it to your social media mix either. However, remember that the algorithms of social media platforms are ever-changing. Make sure your social media crew is always updated with the changing rules to stay compliant with the regulations.

#5. Content personalization should be a mandate

Even while casually surfing on the net, a user wants to find what he or she likes. This implies that business owners need to personalize the content that they publish. But it is, of course, impossible to design content for each user.

“If you analyze your users based on different factors, such as demography, interests, or geographical distribution, you will definitely be able to crack the code”, says Emily Eckhart, the marketing head of Academic brand MyAssignmenthelp.com. Although time-consuming, your efforts will be worthwhile for content personalization will never lose relevance, whatever be the decade we are stepping into. Moreover, evergreen content is the best organic way to enhance the brand value.

#6. Need to include long-tail keywords

The need for SEO remains constant, but the dynamics and rules will continue to evolve. Therefore, you must be well-rehearsed with the new regulations of Google Analytics. As of now, companies are unsure about optimizing content so that search engines choose them over anyone competing for the top ranks. This is where on-SERP SEO will come in to give a substantial competitive edge to brands practising it.

Moreover, with voice search dominating the scenario, long-tail keywords will take over the throne leaving behind shorter ones. Other than long-tail keywords, keywords in the first person will help your content get a better ranking too.

If the predictions are right, then 2020 will be the most disruptive year for businesses. With this list of 6 essentials, you will surely be able to start this new decade with a bang. Just give in your 100% and your company will shoot for the stars and beyond. Here’s to the hope that 2020 brings you the success that your efforts deserve!

Jedda Cain is a marketing analyst who is also associated with the Australian assignment help brand Essayassignmenthelp.com.au. She also acts as a guest lecturer in the most reputed B-schools across Australia. Besides being an active blogger, she loves to read books and travel around the world.