Top 5 Sites for Data Entry Work


Hi Friends!!! How are you? I am fine. Today, this tune is just for the starters. The tune is for those who do not know or may not be familiar with the websites. Well, I started to tell right now.

Top 5 Sites for Data Entry Work (Part-Time Work)

At present outsourcing has become famous in our country. So as a result, so many people, even youths, take outsourcing as a job. You can start it from today. However, I’ll give you 2 conditions:

  1. Be Fluent in English (Written and Spoken).
  2. To keep Patience with self-confidence.

Data entry is a work in where everyone can do a job and there is virtually no need of experience. In our country, the problem is that there are lots of data entry operators rather than the lack of job opportunities. Many people were willing to do, but they do not get the job. Moreover, the cracker’s companies enter the market, so many people lost their interest in the Data Entry job. However, here are the top 5 Web sites for data entry work, in where you can work safely.


#1 UpWork Corporation:

You’ll know a lot more than me about this site. Data entry jobs are available here,  along with other works. Visit Website

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It is a popular site like ODesk and many types of jobs are available here. Here you will not be able to bid for more than 10 works for a month. You will be able to bid for more works if you upgrade the account, so for this, the money will have to spend. Visit Website

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#3 Fiverr:

You may join to Fiverr as a Freelancer. It is also a popular marketplace for freelancers. According to Alexa Fiverr has #398 Global Rank. Write here, if you are a write. Design, if you are a designer. More than 100 type of works are available here. Visit Website

#4 DionData:

It is also a data entry company of USA. You will have to be a typing expert in data entry work on this site. You have to type a minimum 60 word per minute. Visit Website

#5 CloudCroud Servio Inc:

This is a little different from the above sites. If you open the account on this site, then at first you must have a Facebook account. In here for getting the job you must have passed some examinations. Visit Website

This article is for those who are interested in freelance work; they can try the above-mentioned sites. Wish you all the best.

Thanking You, Guys!!!