How can I make my rebirth? Let your born will be happened newly in 2017


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. Passing all failures of 2016, how to resurrect your own for 2017? Coming which change into you, you will rebirth, so I will discuss that. To make a clean and beautiful, you have to make it clean and beautiful.

How To Groom Your Personality?


I think by saying this words, rebirth will not happened. Birth is once. You have to give rebirth own. Which birth I have gotten, that will be happened regeneration. You have to make yourself more clean and beautiful. I will be my mother proud also. Seeing me any mother say that, if creator gives rebirth, then please give birth of such a child as a mother. If I can’t make this type of happy life, then why is this life? You don’t come to be a failure. Everything of nature wants you champion. You have defeated yourself.

In 2016 you were imprisoned in a dilapidated building-compliance with all limitations of 2016, make yourself for 2017. There was the faint of your hand in 2016, there was no power to walk in the muscle, yet you have walked the path by breaking or making a heart. Why you have thought yourself a failure? You have fought till now, so you are not a failure. Till now you have survived yourself, it is that’s proof. You have to bring some changes in your just on some matter. There is a small difference between failure and success. You are wanting to remove this difference now, that’s why you are reading my article. Your wanting will give you new birth.

You have to take responsibility of your own failure:

When you will admit your own failure, passing on that, that time you will be able to achieve and promise the strength of becoming success. Not doing this like becoming timid and surviving year after year, see one year being brave. Everybody will find light from you, those who used to make their eyes small by seeing you, they will request you to sit beside them by raising their eyes. All these will not just happen. For that you have to make yourself, you have to pursuit of the win remote mountain. Only then success will be yours.

You have crossed a complicated time:

2016 was a very complicated time. Many things you could not know or understand. Night after night, day after day you have spent time incorrectly. Your past was failure wrapped so you would get fear to see new dream. You can’t wake in your mind any wish like love, starting newly. You have gotten fear of other words. You have lost belief in your own talent.

Look at new eyes:

See from how far the sun has brought light to your feet. You have abled to see world. First you think about yourself. How many creators have given to you this at free of cost. Give importance per breathe. Make live your own hidden talent. Don’t bring such a concept that this right was just for you, you have removed your rights. Now the time has come to you for staring what you have with that. Believe what do you have, 2/3 parts men of the world don’t have that. Do you the value of your beautiful eyes? Value of your head? You are lucky. I’m saying freely that, you are definitely lucky. Can you walk? Then you are a phenomenal museum.

Give full attention to you:

What do you achieve in 2017? Decide yourself. Decide that now many stairs you can across in one year of real light. You can’t win all things in one year. But make a table. 2017 will be a successful year for you, if you can do this work. In any situation, don’t think yourself a failure. You are successful! You have taken birth to become success. Write new table on paper. Think that daily. Think that’s how far you have stood in the way of achieving? Have you gone forward think that daily?

Make yourself to take all challenges in 2017:


What challenges can come in the way of your work? What barriers can be seen? Decide that in which situation and in what role you will play? In what situations you can be shut up yourself? And in what situations you can be brought yourself as a hero?  Sometimes you may need someone to keep back because if you fall, then he takes up you soon, sometimes you may need to take up someone. You will be successful that time when more men will be delighted of your light.

Be amazed yourself in the mirror everyday:

If you don’t think yourself beautiful then how another one will feel you beautiful? Criticize yourself. Give thanks for the good work. Don’t think that only expect from others. Remember that, your inner man also wants from you something. Give thanks to your inner man daily. Give thanks to your own hand. In your necessary moment there was your hand beside you. When you fell down that time this hand has helped to stand by supporting on the ground. Every part of your body has helped you, that’s why you are alive. Today you are standing that was not only for you. You had taken help from many others. So see yourself in the mirror. See yours every body cell. Be grateful to them. Love them.

Decide your circumstances:

How do you want to keep your relationship status? Where do you want to take your final situation? Which type of car you like? What type of woman love do you want? Side by side, how much you can sacrifice yourself from others? How many person’s face you can make smile? In which environment do you want to live? Will you wake up from sleep by hearing a bird’s cry? Which stream will teach you to walk? What type of sky will bring you rain? Think that you are in that environment. Have you ever seen any stream which stream has gone beside your city? What it has said, have you heard? In which street you walk, do you hear that? Which stone has fallen in the street, has it said to remove this? Don’t you pay attention to that? Pay attention around all of you.


Increase your imagine strength:

In the night of this winter, think about the afternoon of Chaitra? In the summer the water is running down from your body. Think more by closing your eyes, one airplane has gone above of your city, hear that’s sound. Hear that how going too far sound has been mixed. Touch the rain’s water. You are also in drowning ship. You are calm and everybody is running. You are showing the way to all. Those who know swimming, you are bringing with them one more person who doesn’t know. Or if any creative thinking comes from your mind, then please give this to come. In it, in adverse situation you will able to bring the way to manage the problematic situation.

You are eligible too:

You deserve love. You are able to love. You deserve the glory, you deserve to forgive. Deserve to be forgiven. Plant the seed of your ability into deep work. One day that will be banyan tree. Your enemies also get shadow of this banyan tree that day.

Bring change in your behaviour:

Learn to tell others thanks. Always find to get the chance to tell others thanks. Tell others why you love and like them. Tell him why you like that people for another people work. See, he also will see you in different looks. How much you suffer, seeing your enemies tell him before, how are you brother? I have heard such a mother’s story, who has forgiven her husband’s murderer. What a big glory can be happened than this? Who goes by murdering someone’s husband in the night, how many persons are there to forgive that murderer?

Participate in every function:


Birthday celebration, marriage anniversary, party with friends? Participate in every function. Be social. Make friendship easily with others. Never bring any laziness in nay function. Come being fresh. Don’t use clouds shadow in your youth. Participating in all these functions, you can get many chances. Introduce with such a people, through which many success can come into your business. Don’t hide yourself. Express yourself beautifully.

Give shelters to others:

Though it is a cat, give shelter. When you sit in the able to eat and who waits for you, it will eat your wasted food. And if you can give shelter to one man then you are a great man.

Come back at home before getting late:

Though anyone doesn’t wait for you, but believe this, your bed has waited for you in the room. Your favourite pone gorge, trees beside your house have found you. Come back at home, take the news of your relative. Come back though he is a neighbour old man. There is a hidden experience in the folding forehead, come back to achieve that experience.

You are alive:

Give thanks to the creator by waking from sleep. Feel the joy of surviving. Start in this joy that you are alive. If you are married, then hugging your wife tell her that what you have felt about wonder. Tell her, you love her. If she is far away to you then imagine she is beside you. Feel her warm presence. Feel her breathe. Call her. Thanks to her also. The creator has given to you once more chance. Bring outside your surviving joy from inside. If you are unmarried then think two minutes about your dreaming man. Walk with him by the side of a beautiful lake without shoes. Take a breath of the soul. You are alive, so make plans for this new day. Today with whom will you meet? What was the promise for today? Whom birthday was today? Today whom you will greet? Today which friend’s news you will take? What works you have to do today? Where you will apply for the job? Or what new things can be done in the office? However, that work is small.

Don’t waste time:

Don’t waste time by thinking that who said and what said, who will say and what he will say etc. Though everybody forgives you but time will not forgive you. Time will never come back to you.

Live in the present:

To say anything without present is less important. So live in the present. Always say, I will live in the present. In it, the importance of the present time will increase in you. You can be more active at work.

Say, you are a happy man:

Say yourself. Say hundred times. Make your face happy. Another more person gets peace in your presence. Anybody doesn’t spend time with any disgusting man if that man is not forced.

You will get:

In the past, there were many works which you had done if another one was there instead of you then that person could leave this. Increase your believe. You can also do that. Never leave the situation mistakenly. Erase defeat word. There is nothing to say defeat. Each failure indicates to achieve something big. You have to do it obviously. Say yourself for hundred times that you also can do it.

In 2017 make yourself like the sun. Be strong. Let your light enlightened surroundings. Really world needs men like you. That’s why, this nature has kept you safe and secure from how many dangers. Be like the moon. Firefly will set love’s fair in your light. Become trust of your darling. Dreaming in the night who shouts your name. Become a model for your child. For that they can say with pride for your honesty. 2017 will be a year of taking responsibility, love and forgiving year. It will be the year of going forward, success. You have to take rebirth as a new person. You have to bring changes from your inside. Give respect to others. Love them. Laugh by open heart and live like a hero. How much you will get older that much learn to humble. Learn to take being criticized from others. Find others good quality. Every person deserves love.

This post is getting big, so though I don’t have wish yet I’m finishing. You can get disturb again. So here good bye to all of you. Pray for me. May 2017 give birth of new live in everybody’s life.

Thank you all for giving your valuable time for reading this article. I hope this article will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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