How does a Domain Link effect on SERP or SEO


Today, my article is: How does a Domain Link effect on SERP or SEO. 

Many of the questions will rise in my mind that, if the same page is repeatedly rank again and again, then does a domain link effect on SERP or SEO? Let’s find the answer to the question we have to climb out of our mind, and we ahead one step in the war of SEO and those who are creative and want to build the future of SEO for multi-step proceed.

Let’s know before discussing it that what a SERP is. Full name of SERP is Search Engine Results Page. For giving correct result to the clients Search Engine has used a formula through the SERP. It is very important to know about SEO. Then, it will be very easy to you about SEO.

Relation between SEO and SERP

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SEO can rank your Web site but, 200 works are done by SERP such bank-link number, the type of link, and also check it that is the article or content is under the link? After all this, if the SERP gets evidence that there is no problem in your article, then your article will rise in SEO Ranking.  Therefore, while writing SEO related article, then do not misuse your time. Let’s do White Hat SRO.

You have to make your own brand, and you have to make a link up with your own brand. For example, when Google or Microsoft companies launch their new services, they launch their services as a main platform, but we know it as a separate platform. But it’s a far-reaching plan to step on the way to success. Through your activities and the activities you stand up a platform, it would have an impact of the SERP of times when you link to the same domain SEO activities will start to (Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.).

Make a High-quality SERP link: 

Promote your main domain on a different site (we call it Link Building), but remember, you place the link of your website in such a manner that the visitor can easily click on your web page as the Page, and make a back link on all your pages and make an interlinked with another link. As a result, the acceptance of your website will increase to the search engine. So, your all SEO dependent different works will be increased as a different acceptance to the search engine and search robot always will give importance to your site than other website. If a new idea has come into your mind, then you make a sub domain and start a project. It helps to stand a new brand of your SEO. However, keep in mind that all services are related to the service.

We can do so many things for the effectiveness of SERP:  

Through an example, I say that suppose your domain name is:, then, you make two sub-domains named and As a result of your main website on Search Engine and SERP Different Dimension Search Engine to add your program to be able to identity as a brand.

Finally, your site / brand to the strengthening of the position in SERP 

Now, your main domain or sub-domain values ​​of brands to keep up- to-date with the content. Now, you have to make cross link by using main domain and sub domain which we also called link Cross. Now, you have to take right decision.

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