10 solid tips to increase visitors on your Website (Mega Post)


You are the owner of your business institution or shop. Now, so many regular customers are needed in your shop as you can get success in your business life. So, it is very necessary that you have to give the correct idea about the product to the customers. It helps to increase the visitors on your site and will play a significant role in the promotion of business. So, therefore, based on the quality of the product you need to create interesting posts so that you can create interest about the product to targeted customers. The increasing of the regular customers depends on the description of the quality of the products on your site. There is a no substitution of good quality pages to promote your products. Let’s have a look that how do you prepare a good quality post and through these posts how do increase the visitors on your site?

Website Visitors

#1 Use the links of post to increase the visitors to your website:

For getting the visitors to your website, links will play an important role because after reading the articles there is a possibility of creating a little desire in the mind of many people.  Add the URL in the page sharing tool to the site because you can get the title, description, image, etc. from the URL of the site. So, it is to be determined by you which is based on your product. For users, it importance of good quality picture and attractive text is enough. So, you have to determine what kind of images and texts will use in your post which will depend on the product. The importance of good quality texts and pictures is enough for the users because the users will feel the interest on products through informative and attractive text or pictures and the importance of these images is increased by the general users. So, you must use good quality images for advertising your products to the customers.

#2 Use Post related Images and Videos:

Share the best quality images of the products and the photos of the customers who have benefited by using your product as the other customers will gain interest for buying products in your site. The article has to be brief but your article should be informative because the users like short and brief articles. You may use “Shooter Stock” for getting high quality images. It is a premium image service provider. Alternatively, if you want to get high quality images for free, then you can use “Pixabay“.

#3 Give Importance on the Comments of the Users or Customers

You must keep a good system for leaving their comments subject to consideration of the quality of the products and you give the importance for increasing the customer loyalty to your product. It plays an important role for creating the attraction to your targeted customer for the succession in the business.

For example: we may concern on the creative ID (http://www.creativeit-Itd.com/). It is an IT training centre which has been giving the proper training on various subjects of IT section and they have kept a good place for leaving their comments with their Facebook page or group for their audience. As a result, the users are getting their results of their questions and they are also giving their feedback.

If your website created with “WordPress“, then I recommend you for using “Disqus” – it is a very popular comment system.

disqus comment system

#4 To Offer Attractive Discount and Manage the Promotion System:

For increasing the sells online and for making the interests to the targeted customers, you give offer some discounts on your products. You add the links of the pages with your products on your website.

For example: some creative companies give some special offers through their posts which is more helpful for their business succession. For example: recently they offer huge free scholarship for 100 ladies in graphic designs. They always give special offers for the customers.

#5 Provide Attractive Information:

If you provide attractive information of your products, then you create the interest about the products among the customers. You try to create the interests by providing the attractive descriptions among the regular customers and to increase the consumer numbers.

#6 Keep Watching on Time:

You must keep in watch that on which products your customers interest on and when are they watching on your products, according to these you can post your article or give feedback if the posts are quickly visible to the customers. For example: on holydays the possibility of getting the feedback of customers is high. You have to try to give your feedback as quickly as possible. If you give feedback quickly, then an interest will create in the minds among the customers.

Tips: If you create an interest among the customers in advanced, then you give the concept about the products in your site as all customers express an interest about the products.

#7 Make a Planned Calendar:

You will create a precise calendar by keeping the regular contact with your fans in every week or every month for discussing or reviewing on the product. This is not only helpful for your regular posts, rather it will help to create a better plan and it will help you to get the event or news of your business. You try to keep the association with some groups which will be helpful in your work and it will help to get the customers.

#8 Allocate the Time Schedule for giving your Post

You share the posts by setting the time.  When your fans will be online, especially then you try to share your posts so that the posts are immediately visible to them. After sharing your post, you can easily find that which customers are online. If you want, you can set your shared posts your page by going to the top of the edit page, and select the Activity Log.

Time Schedule

#9 Target your posts:

If your posts are related to some groups’ members then you can share targeted posts with social share plugin. Mention your post only for male/female, education related or any particular age group, particular location, language etc……

#10 Keep watching on the performance of your Post:

You try to stay active with regular page to promote the involvement of posts with your customers in order to increase understanding of what you need to do to. An idea about the demands of the customers will create in your mind and it will help you to create understand that in what kind of content they are most interested in. So it is very important for you to be involved on a regular basis to the page.

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