Free Amazon Kindle Book Reader Download + 3 Kindle Books Free


This article is for those who are really crazy on Kindle Book reader, but after buying they do not use it. The money is wasted. So, you may test from this article it before buying it that actually is Kindle Book reader necessary for you or not?

Free Kindle Reading Apps from Amazon

Amazon kindle book reader

By this medium, you can read any kind of digital book. But the one problem is there. For reading this book, Kindle Book Reader is necessary and you have to buy every book. There is a problem for buying it. How is it problem?

Two Problems:

#1. Buy by paying money. (This is not a big problem. Because, you have to buy the book for reading the book.)

#2. Buy it by using credit or master card.

May be, you overcome the problems. But, after overcoming the problem and when you read the books after buying Amazon Kindle Book Reader and Kindle Book, then you feel it that the hard copy is far better than it, then the total money is lost.

If you want it, then you easily solve it.


This article is showing that how do you get 3 Kindle books in free without buying the Amazon Kindle Book and Kindle book reader and how do you read 3 Kindle Books by making Kindle Book reader in your PC, Laptop and Tablet or your Smart Phone?

But, the funniest thing is that it is not an illegal version. It is totally a legal process which Amazon shows it. But, most probably, due to the communication gap, you cannot know it. The process of Amazon will show in front of you.

#1. First of all, download the Kindle book reader. Al links of the download.

#2. Click on the above link and a page will come in where write email address and press on the Enter or Next button.

#3. Click on the Create Account twice by giving email address and password. Finally, the account has created.

#4. Open the Amazon Kindle Book Reader page. Login it by giving the email address and password by which email address and password you login a little earlier. Then, check the email by closing the Windows.

#5. Watch that you have got a mail from Amazon kindle. Open the mail and click on the Download FREE Kindle App button. Then the Amazon Kindle app will be started downloading. The size of the app is only 40 MB. So, time will require to download.

#6. After downloading, like normal software, click on this app and install on your desktop, laptop, Tablet, or smart phone.

#7. Finally, after installing, open the app. If the page directs you to login it, then you login by giving the username and password. Generally, it runs auto. Ok, your desktop, laptop, Tablet, or smart phone finally becomes a Kindle reader. And after login I this app, 3 kindle books have already added in your kindle apps. Now read it and tell how it is? If you like it, then you may buy an Amazon Kindle Reader.

Best of Luck. Take care.

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