Top 30 Download Useful Software for Windows PC


Hello guys. Today I’ll share some useful software for windows which we use these on our regular day either for business purpose or for personal purpose.

Top 30 Download Useful Software for Windows PC

Software For Windows
  1. Picasa – Image viewing and editing software as Google Photo.
  2. Photoscape – Photo editing and animation creation software.
  3. Gimp-Photo  editing software
  4. Pidgin – Chat Client
  5. Teamviewer-For control friend computer
  6. Orbit Downloader – Download Manager
  7. DAM-Fast download Manager
  8. Quality Capture – taking pictures with webcam small software
  9. foobar2000 – listening to music software.
  10. FormatFactory – images, videos and audio converter
  11. VLC Player -video and audio player
  12. KMP-HD video player
  13. LAN Shark – The worst quality file sharing software
  14. – word processor, data management, Math Calculation etc.
  15. Code :: blocks – Compiler and Development Kit
  16. Notepad++-HTML editing software.
  17. DevC ++ – very common and easy-to-C compiler
  18. KeePass – Password Saver Software
  19. TrueCrypt – Drive and File Encrypt software
  20. EasyBCD – Bootloader Editor
  21. CCleaner – Clean system software
  22. Recuva – File Recovery software is small but do a lot of work
  23. VirtualBox – Virtually other operating systems to run software
  24. Cursors-4u – Free cursor
  25. Icon Archive – Thousands of free and glamorous icons
  26. Custopacktools – very lightweight software, the taskbar icon to change the Login Screen
  27. RocketDock – App pin software
  28. BurnAware – CD DVD Burning Software
  29. Avast Free – Basic Antivirus Protection
  30. WordWeb – A Dictionary of excellent
  31. CPU-Z – processor, RAM, motherboard, etc. inquiries small software
  32. GPU-Z – Graphics cards all the information a small software

Final Words:

Hope this sites will help you get some useful software for your Windows PC. Having any quarries feel free to leave your comments below.

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