How to create a visual CV (Curriculum Vitae)?


Hi friends, how are you? Today, I will tell you how to create a visual CV (Curriculum Vitae). From thought leaders to CEOs, Visual CV is for professionals, who are building their best career. CV stands for curriculum vitae, which means a brief account of your career. CVs are used to explain to recruiters what you can do and what you have done, so a good CV Curriculum Vitae looks forwards as well as accounts for what you did in the past.

How to create a visual CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

create a visual CV (Curriculum Vitae)
create a visual CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Featured of Visual CV:

  • Always have the right resume for the job in Web or PDF format.
  • Choose from a variety of free and premium resume templates.
  • Want to know if anybody’s actually looking at your resume? Now you can.
  • Publish an online VisualCV.
  • Easily publish your VisualCV to PDF.

How to Create a Visual CV Step by Step

Step-1: At first Register your account with this link

Step-2: Type your First Name, Last Name, and E-mail address.

Step-3: Then Click on New Resumes, And upload your resumes or type your information.

Step-4: Then click on publish and follow the instructions.

Note: Find out more and try to understand themselves.

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