Check Heart Beat & Blood Pressure with android app


Very useful app for Android users. Now check your heartbeat and blood pressure with Android app. If you are an Android Smartphone or Tab user then you can use this app. Windows users can check it on Windows App store. Android users can search for Play Store.

Check Heart Beat & Blood Pressure with android app

check instant heart rate

A million apps have been published in Android app store (Play Store or other app stores). All these apps are different from each other. But today, I’m going to share a unique for checking heartbeat and blood pressure. Sorry! Two apps. The apps are:

Heart Beat app for Android

  • Instant Heart Pals Calculator

Blood Pressure app for Android

  • Blood Pressure Calculator

No more talk, just download these apps.

Click here to download Instant Heart Pals Calculator app (4.9 MB).

check blood pressure

Click here to download Blood Pressure Calculator app (1.10 MB).

check heart beat and blood pressure

Thank you.

Biswajit Das
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