How to change the Password of cPanel?


When we buy hosting with cPanel, Provider gives a password like their wish. We need change the password for security or keep in mind easily. We enter in cPanel at first for changing password. You click on the change password which is inside preference.

How to login cPanel hosting account?

If you want to login cPanel then you have to buy a web hosting with cPanel or you must have hosting with cPanel from before. After buying cPanel, it will give you with an explanation of login with your provider cPanel by mail or according to rule. If you have a hosting from before then, contact with your mail or your hosting provider organization for knowing login with description.

First, you’ve to go “” or “” or “http://your IP:2082“and login to your hosting account.

change password of cpanel

Now, go to the “change password” option.

In the

Old Password: Here type your present password.

New Password: Here type your new password.

New Password (again): Here type again your new password.

Now click on “change your password now”. Your password will be changed.

How you will secure your password?

  1. Keep in mind your password, don’t write anywhere.
  2. Don’t share your password with anyone, create a new account if you need.
  3. Don’t use your password everywhere.
  4. Don’t log in on a public computer.
  5. Change password repeatedly.

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