Bengali Font problem in Google Chrome (Solution)


Hello Guys. Today I’ll give you a solution of Bengali font problem of Google Chrome. If your browser does not support Bengali font then this post for you. Sometimes Google Chrome does not show Bengali font properly. Sometimes Bengali font is shown broken and sometimes it shows blank box in Google Chrome. So If you are facing the same issue then you are at the right place. In this post, you are going to learn 4 different helpful steps that can help you  to resolve this issue easily. Try which you want.

Bengali Font problem in Google Chrome Browser

bangla font problem in google chrome browser

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bengali font problem in google chrome

Process 1 (By using Avro):

Download Avro (Bangla Typing Software) and install it on your PC. Bengali font problem can be solved.

Process 2 (By deleting the Current user from Google Chrome):

Remove current user from Google Chrome and Restart your browser.

delete user from google chrome

Process 3 (By using custom font):

Setup Bangla font properly in Chrome Browser.

use custom font in google chrome

How to setup font in Google Chrome?

At first go to chrome://settings/ -> then go to Advance Settings -> Click on “Customize Font” and configure as below.

font setup in google chrome for bangla

Process 4 (Important process):

Step 1:

Visit at:  chrome://flags/ from Google Chrome Browser ->

Step 2: Click on “Enable” button of “Disable DirectWrite“.

Step 3: Close Google Chrome browser and re-open it. Now your browser will support Bengali font. Enjoy!!!

enable bangla font in google chrome

If you are still facing issue watch this video tutorial!

Thank you  for reading…

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