AdFly Links have Not been working (Solution)


AdFly is a global URL shortener service. People can convert their long URL to the short URL with AdFly. I think, no one likes the long URL. People always like the shorten URL. AdFly allows to short URLs without any registration (Register users can earn money wit AdFly). But, AdFly does not support in some countries. As well as India. I’m from India. The natural URLs of AdFly does not support in INDIA. But, you can fix it easily. Today, I’ll show you, how does it work?

How to fix AdFly Links?


Generated AdFly Links are not working? Let’s fix it.

Generally, all the AdFly Links look like ( But, if you try to open this link in your web browser, then it would not open. If you are from INDIA, then you’ll face this problem.

  • Now, what you’ll do?

Now, you’ve to add SSL security to the generated link. You’ve customize the link. You’ve to add “s” (without quotation) after “http“. So, the new link looks like ( Now, it will work.

AdFly is not only an URL shortener. It has many features. Let’s know the features of AdFly.

  • Features of AdFly
  1. You can earn money online with AdFly (10000 Visitor = $5).
  2. It is a Safe Advertising platform.
  3. You can add it to your website to earn much more money.

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