A software for the hobby photographer [Image Elements Photo Suite]


At present, many people practice photography in their rooms. For an amateur photographer, a beautiful shot is very necessary, but for photo editing, a usable software is very necessary. Image Elements Photo Suite software will fulfil your desire.

The package which you want from Image Elements photo Suite:

  1. ImageElements Photo Cropper
  2. ImageElements Photo Captioner
  3. ImageElements Filters
  4. IE Motivational Poster Maker
  5. IE Deja Vu
  6. IE Picture Framer
  7. IE Photomontage
  8. IE BrightSpot
  9. IE Feather Art
  10. IE FrameOut
  11. IE Kaleidoscope

I mean, you can do 11 types of editing with Image Elements Photo Suite

#1 Image Elements Photo Cropper

By using this option, you can fixed few pieces of the images.

Firstly, the picture was like this.


After, doing into the 3 parts, it is organized in the frame.

waterfall in the frame

#2 Image Elements Photo Captioner

By this, you add text in different styles.

photo and text

#3 Image Elements Filter Utility

By this, you can add extraordinary effects.

ImageElements Filter Utility

#4 Image Elements Motivational Poster Maker

You can make your desired poster with your picture.

Image Elements Motivational Poster Maker

#5 IE Deja Vu

By using this, you can highlight the border of the picture, background, and a definite part.

highlight border

#6 IE Picture Framer

Bind the image into the extraordinary frames.

photo frame

#7 IE Photomontage

By fixing the various parts of the image you can create Montage photo.

create Montage photo.

#8 Bright Spot

By using this option, you can highlight the colour in the definition part.

highlight photo with color

#9 IE Feather Art

By using this, you can show something on the picture by focussing.


#10 IE FrameOut

The main part of the image can be selected.

frameout effect

#11 Kaleidoscope

You can add the effect of the cylinder.

kaleidoscope effect

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Download ‘Image Elements Photo Suite’ for free

Size is only 12 megabytes. I have given crack file, copy and paste the crack file into C:\Program Files\ImageElements Photo Suite and make it a full version.

Thank You!

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