7 Ways to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life


Sometimes we find joy in our everyday routines, while sometimes we don’t feel it. This might be due to exhaustion, stress, or other negative emotions. To be honest, joy is everywhere and in everything, we just have to stop and recognize it. If lately, you’ve felt the absence of joy in your everyday life, it is high time to explore ways to find joy.

Have a pampering bedtime routine

One of the best ways to start a new day fresh is to begin the night before. Our bedtime rituals and the quality of our sleep affects our mood the next day. Since our goal is to find joy in every day, we should practice some relaxing techniques. We can journal or read something inspiring before going to bed. Also, we can give our skin some TLC with a hydrating sheet mask and drink a cup of soothing sleepy time tea. Whatever bedtime rituals we choose to indulge in, these will give us a night of rejuvenating sleep. Once we wake up, we’ll start the day off right.

Focus on my mind-body connection — workout for a stress relief

Stress is so common these days, that it is like a normal thing. But it should not be because it can cause headaches, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, moodiness, insomnia and other. The bond between body and mind can help you reduce stress. Basically, your thoughts can have a soothing effect on your body if you change your perspective. Also, chemical reactions in your brain caused by physical activity reduce stress and improve your mood.

Stress relief
Stress relief

Let your mind and body communicate by engaging in the best stress relief activities. Physical exercise is an effective stress treatment that reduces tension and stress. Pick a vigorous activity like circuit training, boxing or cross fit. Other stress-relieving workouts include yoga, tai chi or pilates. Even gardening or dancing counts as an activity aimed to reduce stress. Just pick something you enjoy and blast that stress off of your chest.

Embrace the power of novelty — try something new

Everyday routine can be boring if it is repetitive. Most of the time our days are just replicas of the day before. It like Groundhog day, but in real life. It is up to us to include some novelty into our day. 

Feeling stuck can be changed with some creativity. You may start by learning a new language. It will open a new world to you and an opportunity to visit that country and practice speaking that language. Also, try striking up a conversation each time you see a new neighbor. Small talk might turn into a conversation and even a new friendship. You can also check out some of the community events near you and visit one. Just, embrace the power of novelty and bring joy into your day.

Find a peaceful and trouble-free retreat within your home


Our home is our sanctuary. It is one of the things we can call our own, so you can use it as a trouble-free retreat. You don’t have to travel to a different city to enjoy a peaceful retreat. Just create one at home and find joy in it. Find an empty nook within your place and transform it. Add a comfy armchair, a small table, a lamp, and a few plants. Put some scented candles or an oil diffuser on the small table. Use the effects of aromatherapy to soothe your senses while meditating for 15-minutes. Whenever you decide to take a break, sit comfortably and enjoy a book or some relaxing music.

Self-care should be part of your routine.

Self-care is a way to give our mind and our soul a break from worrying. It is a way of showing appreciation to ourselves for everything that we’ve been through. Therefore, we should be selfish and prioritize some me time above everything else. Acts of self-care serve to reset our daily lives and take some timeout. The best ways to enjoy some timeout are to travel or explore your own town like a tourist. If traveling is not an option, fret not because you can binge-watch TV show you’ve been dying to for a while now. Remember to carve out some well-deserved me time and enjoy the art of doing nothing. At least, not doing anything important like responding to work emails or working overtime.

Find joy in healthy eating and revitalize your body

Healthy eating
Healthy eating

Food is the main source of our energy and we need to prioritize healthy eating. Each meal is important and it should be eaten slowly.  So, in order to make it a habit that creates joy, we should change our bad eating habits. Make healthy eating part of your everyday habit by planning meals in advance. Also, have a backup plan for those days that you don-t feel like cooking but you still plan on eating healthy. You can have healthy meals delivered to your door tailored specifically to your dietary needs by My Muscle Chef or other similar solutions. Not only will your body benefit from healthy eating, but losing some weight will also make you happy.

Take up a hobby

Finding joy in a hobby is also a form of self-care. A hobby can improve our cognitive skills and add excitement to our routine. With a hobby, we give ourselves a chance to learn something new, create something out of scratch and find a new passion. It practically has the ability to remove the word boring out of our vocabulary. You can find a foreign language course and decide to take part in. This will also bring novelty to your life and you’ll meet new people. Take up a cooking course if you want to improve your cooking skills. Do crosswords or take up gardening. Whatever you choose to do, remember that it will give you a new purpose, relieve stress and bring joy.

Sometimes people also go off-grid for a while in order to reconnect with themselves. Spending a weekend without your phone gives a person the time to truly find joy in everyday life. First, decide to see only happiness and joy around you. Then, cancel everything else that causes any negative thoughts. Afterward, you’ll be ready to engage in our suggestions and rediscover the joy of your everyday routines.