9 Happiness Hacks That Actually Work


Happiness is not something we buy, it’s something we create. Our everyday choice of activities can turn a sad face into a happy face. If you feel like the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders, try some of these happiness hacks.

Say no to things

Whenever we feel overwhelmed by stress at work and just want to come home to our comfy reading nook, a friend calls us to an event. Going somewhere when you don’t feel like it, can only deteriorate your mood. Say no to things that don’t serve you and put your own relaxation, happiness, and wellbeing first.

Buy some flowers

woman holding a bouquet of fresh flowers

You can buy flowers for yourself, you know. Whenever you need an instant mood boost (without any added calories) get yourself some flowers. Pick something that is vibrant in color and boost your mood instantly. Not only will a bouquet of flowers lift your mood, but it will also beautify your home decor.

Donate to a cause

Even the smallest amount of money can do someone good, but you won’t even see the difference it makes to your bank account. Donating to a cause can increase the sense of self-worth and personal contentment. When we do something good for other people, we feel better and fulfilled.

Ditch the gloomy colors

woman wearing orange clothes

If your first choice is black, grey or dark shirt, pants or a sweater, go bold to up your mood. Wearing bright clothes like yellow, orange and pink can hack your mood for the better. Also, if you feel like covering yourself with baggy clothes, choose something different. Wearing baggy clothes is an obvious sign that your mood is on the low, so choose some happy clothes that will enhance your figure.

Eat something sweet

Chocolate to the rescue! Eating something sweet can boost your mood and satiate your sweet tooth as well. If you feel down, and feel like eating something sweet, try to call in some friends and share a cake together. Host a mood-boosting party where you can all sit down and discuss something that keeps bugging you down over a slice of cake. This type of get-togethers are common in Australia and they choose cake deliveries in Sydney as one of the easiest choices. You get to pick a lovely treat in a short amount of time and have it delivered just in time for the party. This way you’ll get support from your friends and enjoy something sweet along the way.

Lift your mood with exercise

Exercise is the most useful way to blast the stress away and purge any negative thoughts. Get your sweat on with an intense exercise regime and boost your happy hormones. Even though you might be inclined to stay home when you feel unhappy, just do the opposite. Step outside of your comfort zone and increase your odds of being happy.

Embrace the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone

Give yourself a chance to learn something new and give yourself a side passion project. Maybe you just new to experience something new to be happy again. A new hobby or learning a new skill will give you a fresh purpose in life. Moreover, it will be a chance to think about other things, learn, grow professionally instead of contemplating negative thoughts. If you are into creative hobbies, join an art class or a pottery class. If you like to improve your skills, learn a foreign language or how to code.

Watch some old photographs

Take a trip down memory lane and watch some old childhood photos. You’ll laugh your heart out at the sight of yourself, your family and your friends. Childhood photos are just pure gold because they portray your failed outfit combinations and ugly haircuts we’d never try today. Dust off your old albums and improve your mood in an instant.

Stimulate your senses

If you feel like staying home, in the comfort of your oasis of calm, try stimulating your sense of smell. Vanilla scented candles can both light up your room and fire up your mood. You can try the healing effects of aromatherapy as well. Diffuse some Bergamot oil, Rose or Lavender oil and feel the bad mood slip away. You can watch a comedy while the room is filled with aromatic senses and hack your way to a happy state.

It’s normal to have bad days and sad days. All people go through such a phase. But, when you realize that the bad mood is trying to take over, do something from our list and take control of your own happiness.