6 Digital Marketing Writing Tips To Grow Your E-Commerce Business


Running an e-commerce business is never easy. Especially when you understand that the whole game depends upon how long you can engage your customers. Many e-commerce businesses are constantly looking for ways to do that. They would create the best website design, display the best products, and might have the most competitive prices, yet would fail to engage their customers. Can you guess why?

6 Writing Tips To Grow Your E-Commerce Business

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The reason is simple. They fail to include a persuasive marketing copy on their website. Your website design, fonts, colors, products, and prices matter, but they are nothing if you cannot pursue your audience through your writing. So, in this post, I am sharing the best 6 digital marketing writing tips that will help you grow your e-commerce business.

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#1 Write for your audience

Many e-commerce website owners just want Google to recognize their website and rank it well thinking that the audience would automatically come. However, they may leave as soon as they find writing filled with keywords and links.

Write for your audience

Your primary focus should be your audience. Write for them. Provide them with clear product descriptions, provide them as much information as you can to aid their purchase.

The quality of your content helps build trust with your audience. So if you are giving them the right information, they are likely to purchase from your site only.

#2 Create urgency and boost sales

There are many ways to build anticipation and drive your e-commerce sales. People respond to emotions and if you are using them right, they will get lured with your writing and do as you say. This is the reason why many people buy products with free shipping or exclusive customer discounts. To create urgency you may use the following tactics in your writing:

Create urgency

  • Provide free shipping for a limited time
  • Offer limited stock 
  • Provide discount for first X buyers
  • Increase price after X sales 
  • Offer day-only deals 
  • Show how many people have already purchased
  • Use words like “don’t miss out”, “hurry!”, “last chance” etc to create urgency.

#3 Place the keywords carefully

Keywords In Writing

Keywords are an important part of digital marketing writing. So pay attention to them while creating your marketing copy. Use long-tail keywords more often if you are just starting out and do not have a solid audience base. Once you find the popular keywords, add them wisely to your product descriptions and product titles. But, at the same time, make sure that you do not overstuff your page with keywords just to enhance the SEO.

#4 Harness the power of storytelling

Storytelling in e-commerce has always been fruitful. People connect with emotions and stories are the best way to spur all the emotions in people. So start focusing on how people may feel while using your products. Show your customers that you have brought the products that will solve their problems. However, do not complicate your story. Keep it simple and shareable.


Consider this marketing copy of a brand selling journals, “We created ‘My Journal’ to be different from other journals in the market. Unlike big brands that sell overpriced products, we enable people to log their life’s journey on a notebook that is created by the writers for the writers.”

#5 Do not overuse the adjectives

Many e-commerce website owners think that creating a great marketing copy and pursuing the audience means adding all the adjectives in the content. Anyway, that may not generally be always. Sometimes using adjectives deviates the reader from the path and makes it difficult to understand your message.

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For example, consider this marketing copy, “We have designed a state of the art journal notebook with fine pages, reliable hardcover, innovative stickers and tags to make your writing experience out of the world.”

Using many adjectives here is making it difficult to read the copy.

It could be changed to, “We have designed a journal that has fine pages, hardcover, stickers and tags to make your writing experience out of the world.”

Isn’t this copy much easier to understand? I hope you got my point.

#6 Do not copy content

Copying and pasting product descriptions from some other site or even from the manufacturer’s site and placing them on your e-commerce site will bring no good to you. In fact, it will just create duplicate content. Remember that Google would index only original content. So, why waste your time copying content when you can write a fresh product description?

Don't Copy Articles

You may not omit the technical aspects or specifications but you can pursue the audience in your words. Use the art of paraphrasing and you can save your website from getting penalized for using duplicate content.

Boost Sales With The Right Marketing Copy!

There can be different aspects of e-commerce writing to increase sales and grow your business. I hope these 6 tips will help in making a difference in your e-commerce tips. All of the methods that I shared above are easy to use and effective so you will be able to enhance the quality of your website in no time.

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While creating digital marketing content for your e-commerce website, make sure you are writing for an audience. Pursue them by using effective storytelling, creating urgency and placing the right keywords in your content. Keep your copy simple and attractive by reducing the adjectives. Last but not least, create your own marketing copy rather than copying product descriptions from someone else.

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