Tips for Organic Growth on Instagram


People spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every single day. In fact, most users have about 8.4 different accounts, too. If you’re not reaching customers on social media, you’re missing a chance to boost business.

Instagram Influencer
Instagram Influencer

Here are nine tips for increasing your organic growth on Instagram. With these tips, you can expand your reach and gain more followers.

Then, you can start engaging those followers, increasing your chances at potential sales. Your ROI could start to rise as a result.

Set your business up for growth and success. Start growing your business with these nine tips for Instagram marketing today!

1. Know Who You’re Targeting

If you plan on growing your business using Instagram this year, it helps to know who you’re trying to reach.

Users ages 18 to 24 are more likely to use Instagram than users ages 25 to 29 (75% vs. 57%). About 55% of people in Generation Z (ages 16 to 24) have increased their Instagram use in the past year, too. If you’re looking to reach a younger target audience, Instagram is a great place to start.

If you want to reach older adults or business professionals, consider using Facebook or LinkedIn instead.

It’s not enough to plan to reach a “younger” target audience, though. After all, everyone has their own distinct wants, needs, and interests. If you want to develop a strong Instagram marketing strategy, consider your ideal customers.

Instagram Profile
Instagram Profile

For example, you can differentiate your ideal customers based on the pain points they’re experiencing. What problems does your product or service help solve?

Maybe you want to focus on local customers instead. In that case, you can create more location-based content.

You can also determine who your customers are based on buying behaviors, interests, income bracket, and gender.

Consider grouping your customers into smaller personas. Then, personalize your content with each group in mind.

Personalization can make it easier for you to connect with your target audience. You can appeal to their distinct wants and needs.

Otherwise, consumers might feel like you don’t understand their problems. They might turn to someone else on Instagram they have an easier time connecting to instead.

Look for ways to empathize with your audience. Then, show them you have the experience, expertise, or wow-worthy content they’re looking for.

2. Update Your Profile

About 90% of marketers use social media marketing to boost their exposure online. Another 75% use social media to boost website traffic. If you want to gain organic growth through Instagram, take a look at your profile.

Optimizing your profile can help you boost online exposure and traffic to your website.

First, make sure to update your profile picture. Use an eye-catching, crisp image. Make sure the image suits your brand.

Checking Instagram Profile
Checking Instagram Profile

As you use these tips for Instagram, keep your brand guidelines in mind. That includes your brand’s voice, tone, and personality. Think about the visual elements of your brand, too.

Brand consistency can help awareness and recognition grow. Consumers could have an easier time recognizing your content as a result.

Next, make sure you’re using a business profile. Updating your Instagram account to a business profile will give you access to added features.

Make sure to add your website and contact information to your account, too. Consumers will have an easier time finding you online.

Then, update your business description. Consider using a hashtag that’s relevant to your industry, too.

You can attract more people to your profile and start growing your reach.

3. Produce Wow-Worthy Content

Eye-catching, unique content is the backbone of any effective Instagram marketing strategy. If you plan on growing your reach, you need content that helps you stand out. Otherwise, consumers might look to your competitors for impressive content instead.

Take the time to focus on producing high-quality content this year. Focus on quality over quantity.

Instagram Post
Instagram Post

Otherwise, low-quality content could make your brand look dull and cheap.

Experiment with a mix of different types of content, too. You’re no longer limited to still images anymore. Instead, try creating Stories, IGTV episodes, and Instagram Reels.

Diversifying your content can help you appeal to a range of consumers. You can increase your engagement and start experiencing organic growth.

Once you start creating content, take the time to review your data. Which posts are growing your reach online? Learn from your data to make smarter marketing decisions in the future.

4. Collaborate

Consider looking for influencers within your industry. Influencers already have a strong following on social media. You can leverage their existing reach to start growing your reach this year.

Working with influencers can also boost your brand’s credibility. After all, consumers follow influencers they love and trust. Consumers might decide to trust your business if an influencer recommends your brand.

Instagram Collaboration
Instagram Collaboration

In fact, nearly 90% of marketers say they believe influencer marketing is effective. Over 40% say influencer marketing is their top ROI-generating marketing strategy, too.

If you can’t find an influencer to work with, consider working with other businesses in your region. You can collaborate and partner up to leverage one another’s existing audiences.

For example, you can take over someone else’s Instagram account for the day, then return the favor the following week.

5. Create More Contests

Contests are a great way to expand your reach and boost engagement on your Instagram account.

First, think of a prize your customers want. The better the prize, the more likely your contest will build a buzz. Then, look for multiple ways to encourage people to sign-up.

Contest on Instagram
Contest on Instagram

For example, you can tell people they’ll earn one sign-up for each of the following:

  • Liking your post
  • Sharing your post in their Story
  • Tagging a friend

Make sure to mention the rules within the caption or on your website.

Try to remain consistent with your contest. For example, you can run a new contest every month. Mix up the prizes to encourage people to keep participating.

With each friend they tag, you’re reaching even more potential customers!

6. Cross-Promote

Use your existing social media accounts to your advantage. Start cross-promoting between platforms to boost your reach and engagement.

For example, if you’re hosting a contest on Instagram, let your Facebook followers know.

Happy Influencer
Happy Influencer

If you created a TikTok challenge, post it on Instagram to generate more of a buzz.

Look for multiple ways to cross-promote and start growing your business organically. As you gain more organic growth, people will become more informed about your business. They might start visiting your website or exploring your products to learn more.

They could start following you between different accounts, too.

7. Encourage Engagement

Look for new ways to encourage people to engage on your Instagram account, too.

For example, you can post more polls and quizzes in your Stories. Try adding questions to your captions as well. As people start leaving comments on your posts, make sure to comment back.

Try to spark two-way conversations with your followers.

Remain proactive, too. Look at what other people are posting online. Comment on their posts (especially if they’re posting about your products and services).

Engaging with audience
Engaging with audience

Engaging with your audience can help you generate more organic growth.

At the same time, it can show consumers you’re listening and care about their thoughts or questions.

People might decide to become loyal customers outside of social media, too. They’ll recognize that you care about relationships and decide to stick around.

You could boost sales, improving your ROI as a result.

Trying to generate more comments on Instagram? You can check this out for a few new ideas.

8. Track Trends

New social media marketing trends pop up constantly. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest trends, consumers might think you’re irrelevant. Your brand might start to look old, outdated, or dull.

Instead of growing your business, you might start to lose followers.

Instead, remain up-to-date with the latest Instagram trends. Make sure to experiment with new features, too.

Instagram Trends
Instagram Trends

Take a glance at your competitors regularly. Keep up with the trends they’re following. If their attempts fall flat, look for ways to improve on their ideas.

For example, you might want to go live more often this year. Live videos are a great way to engage customers and leverage the fear of missing out.

9. Gather Your Data

Once you start growing your reach on Instagram, take a look at the data from your posts.

First, determine which posts helped you gain the most followers and engagement.

Then, look at the time and day that you uploaded that post. You can determine the best time and day to post in the future.

If your analytics are low, try posting at a different time on the same day. Make sure your content appears when people are online. Otherwise, your posts might get lost in their feeds.

Reviewing your data will help you make smarter choices in the future.

Follow for Follow: 9 Tips for Organic Growth on Instagram

Organic Growth on Instagram
Organic Growth on Instagram

Don’t miss a chance to gain more brand awareness and fresh followers on Instagram. Instead, keep these nine tips for boosting your organic growth handy. With these tips, you can reach more customers and set your business up for success.

Searching for more helpful tips, tricks, and guides? You’re in the right place!

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