4. Joomla Environment Setting [Part-3] – Introduction to Joomla Administrator


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Introduction to Joomla Administrator

There are two views one is front-end and the other is back-end. Back-end means of which, if the administrator may change, then you will see on the front-end. Any changes that you made in your Joomla made website, you have to do from back-end.

Front-end of Joomla Site

Joomla Site Administrator

Login Panel for Super User (Admin)

Site Administrator

The page will open after clicking on the site. It is a view of front end view of the sample website. I am bringing a little bit concepts about Joomla in front of you. From there, you will be able to understand about Front-end view. It will help you to make template in the next stage. Please, keep your watch closely in the below picture.

Joomla Front End View

  1. It is a logo of Joomla. You may change the logo as you wish, which display in the next topic.
  2. It is a Top menu.
  3. It is a Main menu.
  4. It is a pool. From which you website user may vote on the topic of the pool. Now, there is a one pool. But you may add so many polls as you wish.
  5. It is the login form. By this form the registered users easily login to the page. There is also an option for opening the new account for the new users.
  6. In here you will watch those articles which you publish on the website.

In the same way, I will make the same item in the top menu. Or we can add the shop item in the top menu. For this, select the SHOP and then copy it.

Add New Menu


Now copy menu item screen will display in front of you and from there select “Menu” and click on the “Save as Copy” button.

menu setup in joomla

copy menu

Now, Add a New Menu (Secondary Menu)

Add New Menu

Secondary Menu

After creating the secondary menu, go to the copied menu section, and change the menu location.

change menu location

We’ve finished the basic tutorials of creating an E-Commerce site.

Now wait for the advance level.

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I hope you’ll appreciate these tips and that they’ll help you to quickly become an eCommerce Rockstar 😉


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