2 Solution to Export EML files to MBOX file format


The finest remedy is given to you in the article that follows. Without any hassle, you may convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird. Both the manual and automatic ways are present to you, along with information on how to get around each method’s drawbacks.

Both EML and MBOX are well-known and commonly utilize file formats in addition to being widely use. They may both be used with a variety of email applications, including Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Sea Monkey, and others. The main distinction between the MBOX and EML file formats is that the MBOX format exports each folder as a separate file, whereas the EML format exports each message separately.


Why do we Export EML files to MBOX file format?

There are several reasons why users might convert EML files to MBOX File format. As a result, we discuss a few users queries in the section below.

  • The MBOX file, on the other hand, is compatible with several operating system mail clients, but the EML file is only compatible with the Windows mail client. Due to the special characteristics of the MBOX file format, users keep converting their EML data to it.
  • The most widely used email client worldwide right now is Thunderbird. As a result, the administrator started utilizing Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Windows Live Mail. The main justification for exporting EML to MBOX is for this.
  • If a person switches jobs and must use Mac OS, he may need to import EML files to MBOX format.

What are the 2 Sources of Export EML files to MBOX: –

  1. Manual Method
  2. Professional Tool (EML to MBOX Conversion Software)

Method 1: Drag and drop EML conversion to Thunderbird

  • Activate your Mozilla Thunderbird account.
  • Select New Folder by right-clicking on the Local folder.
  • Specify the name of the new folder, which you may alternatively opt to create as a subdirectory.
  • Next, pick all of the the.eml messages under Save EML Files on Your System.
  • To complete the process, launch Thunderbird and minimize the screen.
  • Move all of the chosen.eml messages into the newly formed folder using a drag-and-drop operation.
  • Restart Thunderbird to update and import EML.

Difficulties of the Manual trick while convert EML files to MBOX

  • A non-technical user can’t convert EML files to MBOX easily.
  • There are chances of data loss while the conversion is started.
  • Take a long time to convert EML files to MBOX.
  • Using this strategy, Thunderbird didn’t accept bulk emails.
  • You can lose data if you close Thunderbird or your computer during the operation.
  • Additionally, throughout the process, email characteristics and attributes may be lost.

A Professional Software- EML to MBOX Conversion Application

To import a large number of messages into Thunderbird, use this EML to MBOX Conversion Application. With the aid of this tool, the import procedure may be finished with total safety and security. You may backup EML files in document format or convert EML into several email file formats in addition to conversion.

To quickly convert EML files to MBOX simply follow the instructions below: –
  • First- Launch the EML to MBOX Conversion Application.
  • Now start the application on your windows-based system.
  • Choose the EML files that you want to convert into MBOX file format.


  • Preview your EML database before the conversion process.


  • Browse any particular location to save converted data.
  • Now tap the “Convert Now” button and start converting EML files to MBOX file format.


Main Features of this EML to MBOX Conversion Application.
  • Supports all EML Apps – The program works with all EML-compatible mail clients, including Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, eM Client, Dream Mail, Windows 10 Mail, etc. It can convert EML files from these clients.
  • Advanced Search Option – The application offers an advanced search option with several criteria that make it easier to discover specific mail and migrate just certain types of mail.
  • Extract Attachments, Mail Addresses, and Phone Numbers – This quick solution’s extract feature allows you to quickly save email attachments, mail addresses, and phone numbers in the system’s selected location.
  • Free Demo Conversion – The software is an effective way to carry out a quick, secure, and flawless migration. However, it offers a free demo edition that allows users to export some messages without charge and learn how to convert EML files to MBOX.
  • Save EML Messages to MBOX with All Properties – The software is an expert tool that can move EML files to MBOX with all properties, including attachments, metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, and images.
Final Verdict

The best manual approach to import EML to the MBOX Thunderbird account is described in this post. Any of the methods will allow you to finish the process securely. You should try the automatic fix. because it offers virus-free EML file to MBOX conversion and complete data security.

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