15 Robot Associate Materials for your Office

#1 Its Only Humanoid Media Case

This robot is used with bag. It will save you from the damage of tech kits.

Humanoid Media Case

Cost: $29.99.

#2 Roboto USB Hub

This robot will increase the number of USB connectivity.

robot usb hub

Cost: $28.

#3 Robobox Stencil and Pen Set

If you cannot draw properly, then this pencil set will help you.

Robobox Stencil and Pen Set

Cost: $8.99.

#4 Robot Headphone Splitter

This key ring is with the headphone splitter which will help your tune to share with your friends.

Robot Headphone Splitter

Cost: $16

#5 Space Robots Thumbtacks

You may use this Japanese fabric on the pin board of your office.

Space Robots Thumbtacks

Cost: $8.50

#6 Retro Robot Print

This robot will increase in the wall of the office.

Retro Robot Print

Cost: $10

#7 Mini Robot Vacuum

It will give the Word press an extraordinary look.

Mini Robot Vacuum

Cost: $26.

#8 Armed With Technology Tea Infuser

You can use this robot in the cup of tea.

Armed With Technology Tea Infuser

Cost: $14.99.

#9 Robo Buddy Ear Bubs and Wrap

This robot will organize the bundle of wires.

 Robo Buddy Ear Bubs and Wrap

Cost: $14.49.

#10 Robot Calculator

This desktop calculator will add another level.

Robot Calculator

Cost: $14.95.

#11 Robot Matryoshkas

This robot can be utilized in shelf.

Robot Matryoshkas

Cost: $13.99.

#12 Pencil Sharpener Robot

This robot will work just like pencil sharper.

Pencil Sharpener Robot

Cost: $13.50.


#14 Vintage Robot Italian Marble Coasters

These will increase the beauty of your desk.

Vintage Robot Italian Marble Coasters

Cost: $25.

#15 Chip the Robot Desk Organizer

This robot will organize the small things in your office.

 Chip the Robot Desk Organizer

Cost: $24.99.

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