10 New and Best Web Browsers for Windows which you have never heard


We have no idea about the variety of web browsers except Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera! Let’s take a look at some of the unfamiliar but useful browser.

best web browers

#1 Stainless

You can use the browser to log in so many mail IDs.  In many times, you log in two mail accounts together. Download…


#2 Maxthon

It is such a customizable browser, in which so many things are added by default. You can add 1400 plugins along with Ad Blogger, security etc. Download…


#3 Sleipnir

This browser is very popular in Japan. You can customize it in many ways. Download…


#4 Swiftfox

If you want plugins of Mozilla or if you want faster browser and light browser than Mozilla, then it is for you. This browser is faster than Mozilla along with advantages. Download…


#5 Lunascape

It is the first and only triple engine browser. Mozilla, Internet Explorer plugins are supported in this software. Download…


#6 Konqueror

It is very useful for those people who work on the web development.  Download…


#7 SeaMonkey

It is an ideal browser for the web developers. There are so many built in features in this browser. Download…


#8 OmniWeb

If the MAC users find any browser for easy usage, then it is very useful. Download…


#9 Camino

This browser makes happy the Mozilla lovers due to the some features for MAC and some other features. Download…


#10 Flock

This browser is useful who waste their time in social media. It has so many features. Download…


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