Winter fashion trends: 10 hats for women which are in trend this year


If we are aware of the fact hat is a hat: it helps us to protect our head from wind and cold, a hat becomes an easy way to create a stylish look for our outfits. It’s been a trend in recent years that hats were only worn at certain occasions like weddings but recently hat has become very popular as an everyday accessory as well.

Hats for women

hats for women

It’s not surprising that a hat became such an important piece for every woman’s wardrobe because it’s just so easy to wear it with any type of outfit and bring it with you on every occasion.

That’s why this year we will see lots of women wearing different types of hat styles which can be easily incorporated into your everyday outfits or special events, winter weddings even a casual date night!

So here are 10 hat styles that are in trend this year

1. Bucket hat

Bucket hat

Women who want to add a touch of outdoor style to their outfits should go for a bucket hat. This hat is ideal for both casual and smarter looks, it’s also great especially during spring or summer because it’s made from cotton or straw so it’s a very breathable hat as well.

2. Wool hat

Wool hat

Chunky knitted hats are back again! We saw them a lot last winter season but they will be everywhere this year too, especially wool hats because the material is warm and at the same time stylish. You can wear a wool hat by V-neck sweater dress, midi skirt, and boots for a casual look or add one to more statement pieces like a masculine coat or pussy-bow blouse to create something more stylish.

3. Fedora hat

Fedora hat

Fedora hat will always look stylish and elegant so it’s the hat for all ages, any woman can wear it! You can either dress your outfit up by putting on a fedora hat with a leather jacket and skinny jeans or go for something more feminine like a skirt suit and pumps.



Since hat was featured as an important accessory this year we have seen a lot of different accessories that have hat-inspired shapes: the hat clutch bag is a stunning example of that trend! It’s the perfect combination of hat and handbag so you express your style statement in one accessory which is one way to stand out from the crowd.



If a hat has become an option for special occasions or even casual outfits then a fascinator hat is one of the women’s hat styles you should have in your closet! These hats are perfect for more formal events such as weddings, evening parties, race meetings, and so on but it’s also a great piece if you want to glamourize casual outfits like jeans and tee-shirt or even a simple shift dress. You just put it on and stand out from the crowd! Everyone will notice you with your amazing unique hat style which is always a matter of joy.

6. Beanie hat

Beanie hat

Beanie hat is another stylish hat that can be worn during autumn, winter, and spring seasons! It’s a thick, warm hat that is usually made from wool so you can knit a hat by yourself or just buy a hat and combine it with your outfit.

7. Flower hat

Flower hat

Flower hat is a hat style that will let you have a touch of femininity in your outfits! There are many different types of flower hat styles but the most popular this year is the fedora hat with knitted flowers on it, either as decoration on the band or attached to the whole hat. You can wear such a hat not only during the winter months, but it’s also a great choice for spring or autumn time because it makes look more feminine and girly which is a perfect combination when we talk about those seasons.

8. Felt hat

Felt hat

Felt hats are yet affordable hat options, they are also hat styles that can be worn during all 4 seasons! You just pick a hat style that is more suitable for your favorite outfit and hat material: a wool felt hat would be a great choice during winter and spring, while the straw hat is the perfect summer hat.

9. Faux fur hat

Faux fur hat

Faux fur hat looks so glamorous and stylish that wearing it is a real privilege! There are many different materials for this type of hat: from raccoon faux fur hat to rabbit or even fox but whatever you choose remember that such hat should have a little bit oversized fit because that’s why it will look best. If you don’t want to spend hundreds on one hat then take a look at our tips on how to combine cheap accessories with designer pieces.

10. Knitted hat

Knitted hat

Last but not least hat style is a knitted hat! You can either knit a hat by yourself or buy a hat in the store, both are great choices because your outfit will look amazing with this type of hat during chilly autumn or winter days. The best way to wear such a hat is with casual outfits like jeans, leather jacket, scarf, and boots but you can also add some glamour to it by wearing a black pencil skirt and blouse. This is a perfect chic outfit for office wear. Follow our fashion advice on how to combine your favorite clothes together and stay up on trends all the time!

The hat is definitely an amazing accessory that can match almost every outfit and hat styles for this autumn are absolutely gorgeous! If you want to look stylish and stay warm at the same time then the hat style which should be on your list is one of mentioned above!

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