How To Stay Cool But Stylish This Summer Season?

How to Stay Cool This Summer
How to Stay Cool This Summer Season

How To Stay Cool This Summer – 5 Essential tips

Do you know that every season comes with particular wardrobe essentials? While winter comes with cool menswear options, summer makes it challenging to find suitable clothes to look sharp. It becomes really hard to stay cool and stylish at the same time when the temperature rises to the critical levels. Of course, men like you need some help to figure out ways to do that! We have you covered, don’t worry about that. Here we bring you some tried-and-tested tips to rock the warm-weather fashion trend.

01. Invest In Summer-Proof Shirts

Unless you take a dip into antiperspirant regularly, it’s most obvious that you’ll sweat. In fact, we all do! Definitely, we all will be sweating more on hot humid days. Let’s be frank, there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from sweating. But by picking the right shirt material, you can let your skin breathe and prevent heat.

Avoid materials such as nylon, rayon, and polyester. It is because; these materials will leave you being a sweaty mess and trap you in heat release by your own body. So, choose summer-proof fabrics instead.

Materials such as 100% cotton, seersucker cotton, etc. are soft, breathable and durable. It is all because these are made from natural fibers that absorb moisture.

Linen is a great material as it absorbs moisture and dries soon too. It doesn’t leave any sweat patches. So, if you don’t want to get a wrinkled shirt, invest in one that has a linen blend.

A basic Oxford shirt paired with shorts makes an ideal outfit for the summer season. Even there are many options to choose from such as Cuban collared or Granddad collared shirts. These will revamp your wardrobe and give you a much-needed break from conventional styles. Of course, short sleeve shirts are perfect for hot days and you can match them with every type of bottom-wear right from denim to chinos.

02. Get Summer-Proof Suits

When it comes to men’s summer wear, formal dress is the last option to consider. Every man faces issues when it comes to workday wardrobe. Of course, you need to go to the office and look smart. But a little walk in the heat leaves you all messy. Even, your boss doesn’t hesitate to tell you that you look untidy. Of course, you spend half of your workday thinking about that.

So, to tackle the problem, we suggest you get linen-made suits. As said earlier it’s breathable, lightweight. Linen suit comes with an ultimate finish that helps you look sharp, clean and sleek while feeling fresh.

Cotton and linen blend suits are great to rock this summer season. Wear a 100% cotton shirt underneath with suede loafers for a workday look.

Stay Cool This Summer
How to stay cool in summer

03. Invest In Custom T-Shirts

T-shirts are amazing summer wardrobe essentials. Loose and breezy staples are great for men to rock on summer days. There are many custom shirts retailers that provide you with desired styles. However, there are many sites that let you choose the t-shirt printing option with your own design.

From superhero shirts to famous quotes, funny quotes, and a specific style, there are various options available. Even you can make your own t-shirt using a logo or a symbol.

You can wear a custom t-shirt from office to date night and to movie theaters. As these staples come with a loose fit, you would feel comfortable even on a hot humid day. Pair it with chinos, jeans or shorts for a summer-friendly look.

04. Invest In Summer Shorts

You need not roll your eyes if we mention shorts for your summer wardrobe. We know that everyone is smart enough to get it. But keep in mind that men’s shorts can make them look preppy, fresh, cool, or awkwardly awful. You need to make sure that you don’t end up looking awkwardly awful. Here are a few guidelines for donning men’s shorts in summer.

It shouldn’t be too short — For men, shorts that end above the knees are perfect. Anything that goes above that is strict ‘NO, NO’ for men. No matter how athletic your body is and how well-toned your legs are, don’t go for skin exposure or you would become an element of mockery.

Pick a slimmer design — Donning baggy shorts aren’t cool for guys like you. The same goes for super tight shorts. Instead, choose a slimmer but comfortable design.
Pick the right materials — Right fabrics are essential for summer shirts and suits so as shorts. Denim shorts are cool but there are other alternatives too, for example, chambray materials.

05. Invest In Summer-Friendly Footwear

What are the shoes that you can wear in hotter months without being uncomfortable? The answer to this question is — loafers. For years they have been the classic summer staple for men. You can pair them with a variety of suits and outfits. Slip into it with summer shorts and oxford shirt for a laid-back look or club it with a pair of denim and t-shirts for a casual look.

Leather loafers are great. They go well with almost every tailored outfit. But, at times, the footwear might get a little warmer. Always go for no-socks loafers to stay away from sweaty feet. Choosing a softer version made from suede leather is a great option.
Floaters and sandals are good options too. You can sport them on weekends or summer outings for a more relaxed look.


Give yourself as many choices as you can when it comes to choosing footwear, suits, shirts or t-shirts. Always opt for linen, cotton or a blend of these two.

Of all, a man’s fashion needs in summer have to be simple. Focus only on appropriate and the right materials plus comfort fits. Get a few versatile pieces that help you switch from one look to another in summer. You don’t need to spend too much though. Choose cool colors and play around with a few looks. But keep in mind the combination that works and that doesn’t.

We hope that your summer dressing is sorted here. So, stay stylish and cool this summer season!

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