An Effective Guide To Jewellery Findings For Trendy Look


This article is to address you all with the love of jewellery findings. If you are here to read this article you may be the manufacture of jewellery or be it you want to make it on your own to improve your craft knowledge. A finished product requires a lot of small raw materials or some use of small components to get ready for the last stage to be sold. Same is the case with the necklace, rings that you wear on your body. It is important to find the right cut and style along with the material when you go for jewellery finding. You can assemble the raw materials and also customize the designs as per your choice. If you have already been a manufacturer then you might be heard to know more about jewellery findings and if you are a newbie in this field and new to jewellery making, you might be thinking that what actually jewellery findings are and why you will need them to make jewellery.

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Jewellery Findings

What are the jewellery findings all about?

The metal components of these jewellery findings usually include gold tone, silver tone, antique silver tone, antique brass, copper and many more. Earlier people used to make the findings with the left out metal pieces which they used to bring the jewellery components together, but with the improvement of technologies, nowadays these jewellery findings are made using different machines.  Jewellery findings usually come in different styles which you can choose according to your need. Depending on which type of occasions you want to go, you can format the findings into making light necklaces, or heavy ones, into tassled ear rings and you can also use the metallic beads and wooden beads to make bracelets and other types of jewellery.

Which are some of the common jewellery findings?

Jewellery Findings
Jewellery Findings
  1. Bails: Everyone here, must have heard about what is pendant, right? For making pendant, we need to attach a focal need or any other components to a chain which is done by the use of bails, which provides an easy way and is less time consuming to attach a pendant to a chain. You do not require any metalsmith or soldering techniques if you make the use of the bails. Bails are also found in various styles which have different uses.
  2. Earring Findings: First of all there are lots of earring Findings which includes ear wires, ear studs, hoops and threaders which you can use to attach the stone, you can also hang wires wrapped beads or can also dangle your charms. You can use the same beads to make a pair of earrings and also a bracelet and a small choker. The style can also be used while you make small danglers with arched metallic pieces.
  3. Chandeliers: This is a very useful jewellery finding which is used as earring connectors. You can make earrings using this by adding beads to the connecting holes.
  4. Clasps: All of you are fond of necklaces and bracelets, have you ever thought how it is made, or what components does it require. Yes, clasps, is a finding that helps you to make necklaces and bracelets. It is a type of lock like it is a component which helps you to close the two ends together. Clasps are also available in different shapes and sizes which you can choose according to your preference.
Jewellery Findings
Jewellery Findings

We have discussed four of the jewellery findings with you giving you a clear idea about what jewellery findings are and what are the different types of jewellery findings and how they are used in the making of the jewellery which we actually wear in our body, like a necklace, earrings, bracelets and many more.

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