What type of problem Graphic Designer faces?


All creative or technical man face of all strange questions, ask or arguments in their career. Generally, Graphic Designers face all that type of problems. Some famous Graphic Designer’s mood manifestation have reflected in that type of problems through spectacular design in below’s images. Let’s have a look at this.

What are some challenges an Graphic Designer faces in their day to day business?


#1. Work is bad because of dissimilarity of demand and work is good for the similarity. This is expression of first image.


#2. When you will be tired to work and the client wants to change, at last both sides will get the chance of comparing image in below. You are like a pencil who draws and your client is like an eraser who erases.

G. design

#3. A general man will make a wonderful design by mixing some colour where actually a designer has to think about thousand colours which colour will go with which colour.


#4. Designer faces that type of question many times, ‘you took 2 days to design a logo. This is a work of 5 minutes.’ Client doesn’t know that how much designer has worked for 5 minutes work. Ok client didn’t give you actual remuneration, but if they didn’t evaluate your work then what did you feel?


#5. When you are thinking to design graphic that you are a massive artist then what others are thinking about you? See- your friends think that you always have fun and party, your mother thinks what you are drawing, your neighbours think you stay with computer full days, your client thinks you are spreading colour. But you have done actually mixing of your creativity and demand of client like the last picture.

When anything is not done, then try once. Client like it actually. Add page both sides like that with company’s name and tag line, there is nothing creative, yet most of the people like this work. But in that case you will use a font of serif type surely.


A concept of common human all thinking of human is black and white. Then how the Graphic Designer works.


Graphic designers have some normal expectations. If I got a client like that.


How are this image? Who are Graphic designers they have liked it surely. And who wants to be graphic designer they have obviously understood  how to take preparation mentally and with the quality also.

Thank you. Take care