Do you want to be a Graphic Designer? Then this post is for you


Design or illustration profession or related to this profession is for those people who can take this as their passion. Now main topic is how much percentage man needs in this profession, but where is that much percentage of creative men. Actually, almost all have their creativity. But, need of money, need of food or to go of others like, or any other reasons we lose our creativity normally with our independence. Our social or family perspective is more opposite of creativity. We don’t admit in university about our subject choice but we admit in that subject in which we can earn more money.

How to become a Graphic Designer?


Suppose about me, once I spent 1 year for admitting in a national university in chemistry. But at last I got to know that is not for me, I left that. If I stayed there of hearing all then my life story would be different, it was composed by others. Now what I earn or how much will I earn in future, but main subject than that is I am happy for my life, for my profession.

If you want to come in any creative profession, then first condition is hear your mind. Because when you can love design, then you will be able to design well. But remember design is not only logo, layout, packaging and all that. You will design the best logo when you will think yourself as a logo designer not as a designer. I hope you have understood it.

What can you do as a graphic designer?

Logo Design:

According to me this is a big sector of graphic design. Because a logo is like small but actually this is a great matter. A logo caries identity of a company. This logo can be seen in the street, everywhere and that’s why they can say that which company’s logo this is. That’s why this is an important matter of brand company. For that reason generally no company compromises with their quality. For which logo design is comparatively expensive. The projected price of each logo design project is from 299 dollars till to 1200 dollars in 99design. And once time selling price of each logo is 29 dollars in Graphic River.

Digital Layout Design:

The notable thing is web template design, app layout design, software interface of Photoshop in these types of work. The project price is from 500 dollar to 2000 dollar and more of this of each web template design. And each design in theme forest is sold one time from 12 dollars to 16 dollars. In this case the value is less, but sell is much more.

Print Layout Design:

This is a totally different work from digital layout design. This sector includes business proposal design, procedure design, business card design etc. The demand of this type of work is massive. The price of each work is from 200 dollar to 2000 dollar and more of this in 99 designs. There are various types of price of various types of work in Graphic River. But it is of course profitable its sell is much more.

The best profitable part, which we discussed about creative and famous 3 graphic design sector. There are many sectors out of it. Know it, understand it and then go to work. Then you will not be disappointed ever.