What Not to Do With Your Smartphone?


Smartphones are the most devious inventions in this world. It began being a simple portable landline. And now, with the growing models in this world, it is addictive and one cannot live without it. Forget the times when you had a phonebook, now we can get anyone’s contact number or details from social media. Smartphones with access to social media have become a medium to connect with your old friends and family members. However, such devices need to be used in a certain way.

Damaged Smartphone
Damaged Smartphone

With the growing times, there are various things that you should not be doing to your smartphone. You might think since your phone is water-resistant, you can be reckless and a small splash of water will not do any harm. You might be right, but what if your ignorance and recklessness lead to serious damage to your phone. Here are a few suggestions on what not to do with your smartphone. The best and useful suggestion is to never DIY repair your smartphone screen.

Don’t overcharge your smartphone

Always unplug once your phone is completely charged. Charging for a long time may lead to overheating the phone. It’s a bad idea to charge the phone overnight as it may overheat. An alternative to this is to leave the phone in airplane mode at night to save the maximum amount of battery. Plus, you won’t be disturbed by the constant notification at night.

Avoid keeping the phone in the chest pocket

This can be something that not everyone will agree on, but doctors do suggest that people shouldn’t be keeping their phones in their chest pockets. This is because of certain health issues that can be caused to people through the radiations which get transmitted from the phone.

Always screen locks

Smartphone Security
Smartphone Security

A few people find it a task to lock the screen as they need to make an effort to remember the passcode. But it’s better to have a passcode as it will protect any information that’s related to you from being stolen. If you have a scanned document in your phone or any vital information about your work, then it will be protected with this passcode. This brings me to the next point, the smartphone screen being expensive to repair.

Always protect your screens

The smartphone screen even though comes with gorilla glass and various other in-built screen protectors, it’s better to add another layer of protection. Once there’s any kind of damage to your phone screen, it will be very expensive to repair or replace it. It will surely cost you as much as you paid to buy your phone or maybe more than that.

Don’t forget to update your phone

Always remember to update your phone as it improves the performance of the phone. Tasks involving failure of security, low autonomy, overheating or data connection errors will be solved through an update of the software.

Make good use of the cloud

Use Cloud Storage
Use Cloud Storage

Keeping all the files in the phone can lead to problems like a shortage of space. Instead, store all the important data in the cloud-like dropbox or google drive. Of course, these cloud stores can be hacked by third-party applications, therefore you need to be cautious.

Don’t listen to music while your phone is being charged

Always avoid listening to music while charging your phone. It’s dangerous as you can be electrocuted. It may not happen if you are listening to music through Bluetooth earphones or EarPods. But if you are listening to music through a wired earphone, then it’s best to not listen to music or watch any video while you are charging the phone.

Always protect the photo gallery from being leaked

Sometimes, you will be having pictures that are meant to be a secret from family and office colleagues. But there could arrive a rare moment that ends up being the worst day ever in your life. You might be embarrassed by a friend at work with the pictures that were hidden from the whole world.

Never use public Wi-Fi

Don't Use Free Wi-Fi
Don’t Use Free Wi-Fi

As it’s open wi-fi without a passcode, anyone with the server can use it to track anything and everything you are browsing on the phone. You can also be tracked through the GPS that sometimes is required to connect to the public wi-fi.

Don’t use cheap phone charging adapters

It’s always good to charge your phone with an adapter that’s not a cheap one. The cheap charges are risky to work with; you never know it may be harmful to your phone. The battery might get spoilt, or the performance of the phone can also be hampered.


Always be careful with your phone no matter how much the technology has developed, or the accessories are made to protect the phones. It’s always safe to be careful than regretting later.

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