Importance of Video marketing for getting more traffic to your website


How many days have gone that many persons are bending to videos? Because how much you learn reading something, seeing something you learn more than that. There are many websites for video marketing.

Importance of Video marketing

YouTube Video Marketing
YouTube Video Marketing

Example: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vuclip etc. YouTube is the second highest search engine of the Internet World. But, if you go for video, then YouTube is the one and only platform for video marketing. This is very famous. In spite of that, if you search in Google, then it shows only YouTube videos in others site it doesn’t show like that. So YouTube is the best for video marketing. Make some video related to your blog then give annotation in the video. Give your blog link in the annotation. On it, if any users click at the time of running video they will go to your site. And in spite of that, you can invite visitors that “Visit my blog to know this type of tips“.

Give blog’s link in video’s description. On it, if any user read the description and seeing your blog’s link they may attract. Then they will click definitely.

Not only for the SEO or backlink of your site. YouTube gives money to the video publisher if they monetize their videos with ads. YouTube shares 53% of revenue. Here is a complete tutorial on “How to earn money with YouTube?” If people watch your video and love it, then they will subscribe your channel, they will like and share your videos. So all these are profit for you.

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