What is DDoS Attack? (Distributed Denial of Service)


Today, I’ll talk about DDoS Attack. Do you know what DDoS Attack is? And How to do DDoS Attack? Let’s know, DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. Actually, DDoS Attack is an illegal effort to detach or to stop a host which is connected to the internet for a limited period.

DDoS Attack

what is ddos attack

If you want to say easily, then DDoS use to crash websites or web servers or other devices which are connected to the internet.

To disconnect a website or to make down a server from the internet for an indefinite period, do not let anyone to access the Website or the server is Denial of Service Attack!

If this Denial of Service Attack from multiple devices and multiple computer which is connected to the internet, then it is called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack.

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Most popular tools to make DDoS attack.

  1. LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon)
  2. HOIC (High Orbit Ion Canon)
  3. Ping of Death

Now, I want to tell you the easiest process to make DDoS Attack

How to do DDoS attack without any software?

This is a very easy way:

First open CMD (command prompt).

Now type: nslookup google.com (press enter, you can use other website name).

You will see an IP address. You have to remember this IP address.

ddos attack

Now type: ping -t -l 65500  -n 10000000  -w 0.00001

-t = Pings the specified host until stopped.

-l = Send buffer size.

-n 10000000 = Count Number of echo requests to send.

-w 0.00001 = Timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply.

Note: DDoS attack is a cybercrime. If you do DDoS attack, you will be responsible for it. This tutorial only for learning.

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