The Way to Evaluate the Speed of the Processor


You can determine the speed of the processor in many ways. The following describes the different stages of determining the speed of the processor are:


Process 1

Start your computer. Now press together the “Windows + Pause” button from the keyboard or press the “Windows” key and after that press the “Pause” button from the keyboard and then you will see that a new tab has opened. Here, you will find the description of the configuration of the computer and also will know the speed of the processor.

Processor 2

Go to the desktop of your computer. Now, right click on “My Computer” or “This PC” and go to “Properties“. The name of the My Computer may not be there because the user may change the name and in Windows 8.1 the name of My Computer is This PC. So, it is a wrong process to tell this as My Computer. However, go to the Properties and will open a new tab. From there, you will get the all information about your computer and you will also able to know the speed of your processor.

system properties

Process 3

Through the use of various software you will be able to know the speed of the processor. Directly, I do not share the name of any software because they may show wrong results in many times.

To get the correct info, open the “Command Prompt” (DOS) and type the “systeminfo” command.


Process 4

You will be able to know the processor speed in BIOS settings. Generally for accessing the BIOS settings you will have to press F10 button of your keyboard when you turn on your computer. It may differ due to the variety of the motherboard.

If you follow the above 4 procedures then you will be able to know the processor speed. There are so many procedures to know the speed of the processor. But, these procedures are the most popular. But, the most effective and reliable procedure is Process 4.

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