Vimeo Create: The Perfect Video Marketing Tool


Last year Vimeo revealed that it would move forward into the social media creation and editing space with its acquisition of a short-form video editor Magisto. A few months ago the company came out with an unveiling of its work for Vimeo Create. This is a video marketing service or video SEO service that involves a set of video creation tools that are aimed at small businesses and market years looking to tell their stories using social videos. This can be used by those who lack resources, time, or budget to invest in video production.


With Vimeo Create, marketers and businesses can portrait there products and services in the best possible way. Vimeo Create can be downloaded on both the desktop and your mobile. It comes up with pre-made and professionally designed video templates that can be customized according to your needs. However, if you are looking for something personalized and you can always make your own without any complications.

The app has an absolute library of stock content that can be used to add in your videos. Its content ranges from HD video clips and photos to commercially licensed music tracks that are available for no extra fee. As a creator or a business owner you can use this application to customize your own video by selecting the colors, fonts, layouts, logos, text, captions, and call-to-action features.

The company and its developers are saying that the application is being powered by artificial intelligence that helps turn videos, photos, music, and audio clips into high-quality social video in just a few minutes. This application is known to be simplifying the process of designing videos for different social media platforms where aspect ratios and formats vary a lot. Once you are done with the finalized video, you’ll be able to upload/publish that video across the internet including platforms like YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Instagram and Facebook. These platforms are said to be related to Vimeo Create Workflow.

Vimeo powerful video tools
Vimeo powerful video tools

Now you must be thinking about what lead Vimeo into social media creation. Well, we found out that it has been a long-awaited strategy for the company itself. The platform always wanted to become a one-stop-shop for companies and individuals to publish videos across various platforms. As a matter of fact, we came across that we always wanted to be a competitor to YouTube video promotion services.

Nowadays, the company is known to be making money by offering tools and services to video creators irrespective of the demographic and exposure in the market. It also launched a handful of tools for uploading and live streaming across social websites and also its mobile app to include more features. However, all these features are meant for desktop users only.

What made Vimeo prioritize social media was its own research. According to the company’s officials, only 22% of small business owners felt they were using enough video for promotional activities. According to them, businesses all across the globe have been facing issues in the investment of time and money to move further in the market. Almost 96% of small business owners agreed that they can move further if a platform could help them remove all the friction points.

Vimeo Video Create
Vimeo Video Create

According to our sources, we found out that Vimeo Create is made with Magisto’s backend along with its AI. But other than that, the app, But other than that, the app, feature set, content, and interface were made from the ground up. Businesses all across the globe are expecting that this platform will help them grow their revenue. While Vimeo, on the other hand, is hoping to boost up its subscription revenue by offering Vimeo Pro, Business and Premium membership plans instead of just providing a freemium app to its users.

Following is a list of features which you can expect in Vimeo Create Pro, Business, and Premium membership:

  • Full SEO visibility
  • Google analytics integration
  • Dropbox Google drive one drive and box
  • Free video-making lessons and tutorials
  • Hosted portfolio sites
  • Third-party player support
  • Optional source file storage
  • Engagement induration graphs
  • VIP support
  • Email capture and lead generation
  • High-quality playback on Mobile tablet TV and desktop
  • No ads at all
  • Fully customizable HTML5 player

As far as its subscription model is concerned, Vimeo basic comes absolutely free. However, you have to pay $5 per month which is billed annually for Vimeo Plus, $17 for Vimeo Pro, and $50 for Vimeo business.

So if you’re looking for a cheap yet perfect video marketing tool for your campaign then do make sure to give this tool a try, because it’s worth it because the features Vimeo Create is offering are sometimes impeccable and hard to find on a budget.