TOP 7 Technology Gadgets for Modern Hotel Room


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Being a hotelier is very responsible. You have to equip the rooms of your hotel in the best way to make guest’s staying maximum comfortable. Here are innovative gadgets you may use.

  1. Smart mirrors

Actually, it looks like a typical mirror from your bathroom. You can brush your hair, do makeup, and clean teeth in front of it. But also, the mirror works as a big tablet. The touch-screen technology (Smart Mirror) allows to tap the mirror and check your e-mail, messages, social media. You can also check the weather forecast, and many more news you are interested in. You’ll be surprised by another option for your bathroom mirror. It works as a television! That’s so great you can take a shower and listen to the latest news or your favorite TV show.

  1. Tablet controls

Tablet control is not a new option but rather useful. That’s so great that you can control the room with the help of one tablet! Oh, it’s not about the room temperature and blinds up and down. You can use your hotel tablet as a helper to book a table in the restaurant, find the nearest market, or reserve SPA for two. The tablet is full of useful apps so that you will never get bored using the hotel tablet control.

  1. Virtual reality

If you play computer games and not a newcomer in this field, you should know that virtual reality is impossible without a special headset. You may have your own headset or borrow it from the hotel guests or managers. It is hard to believe that many hotels use virtual reality options for their fitness rooms. It is more pleasant to drive your bike through the forest or through the mountains instead of the walls of your fitness room.

Exploring alternate realities

  1. Robots

It sounds fantastic, but many hotels started to add robots to their hotel stuff. They may play practical role, like cleaning, washing, delivering guests’ items. Also, they can entertain people, take photos, make cocktails, and play games. Information robots with touch screen displays help to find the right place, direction, give advices. Do you want to know the restaurant menu for tonight? The room robot can help you.

  1. Business bar

What do you know about business bars? Oh, it’s not about cocktails and other alcohol drinks. It is about different gadgets you need for business, especially in the business hotel. You can rent them right here in the hotel! You can use cameras, tablets, iPads, laptops, and headphones, anything you may need for your work. It’s a very convenient hotel option. You may pack less and not to worry that you will need something of your electronics.

  1. HDTV

If you have a huge hotel experience, you can compare all those different TV models you saw in the hotel rooms. Every hotel tries to attracts people’s attention with the help of huge TVs. You can meet them different size and budget. The quality of channels is high and you feel for all TVs. It is important!

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  1. High speed internet

Internet is an important part of modern life. People from all over the world come to the hotel with their smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. Sometimes, they need internet for work, sometimes – for leisure. You can hardly find a hotel without WiFi. Sometimes, you can find WiFi zones in the hotel lobby, bar, or restaurant. WiFi is free for all visitors. The quality of internet is carefully controlled by the hotelier. If you have any questions or claims, ask your hotel manager.

That’s so great when you hotel is equipped with technology gadgets! It makes your stay more comfortable and memorable. You can work, rest, control your room options with one touch. Running a hotel, it is important to keep in mind that gadgets are necessary for you guest. This is what makes your hotel special and the most attractive. Try to move with the times!