List of Items That May Increase Your Moving Expenses


We have often talked about the factors that increase packers and movers charges for an intercity move. But, do you know there are certain items that can affect the intercity moving costs? And this is why it’s important to downsize your home before relocating to Pune from Chennai.

During an intercity move, we only care about packers and movers to Pune from Chennai charges without knowing what increases their fees. A moving company determines its price based on the type of moving service, distance, shipment size, and moving date. But, apart from this several other reasons affect your moving expenses. If you are moving with loads of goods then it will increase packers and movers charges to Pune from Chennai. That’s why you should get rid of the goods that you don’t use.

In the blog, we will let you know the type of items that you think are useful but they are not. But by discarding them, you will see how lighter your shipment has become. And movers will reduce the moving costs too. So, here is the list of the items you should get rid of before you move.

Tips to Get Rid of Unwanted Things

One of the toughest parts of home relocation to Pune from Chennai is decluttering the home. You know you have multiple goods to pack and transport. But, you should keep an eye on the useless ones. And if you have no idea where to start, what goods to keep, and what to leave behind, then a few questions will give you the answer:-

  • Do you use it?
  • Have you used it in the past year?
  • Do you have enough space in your new home for this item?
  • Where you will keep it?
  • Does it need to be repaired?
  • Is it difficult or expensive to move?
  • Were you planning to replace the item in the near future?

After asking these questions, you will get to know whether you want to keep the item or not. And, once, you are ready to declutter, then have plenty of time in your hand to purge, pack, and prepare. Also, it is recommended to keep a moving checklist for your intercity moves Chennai to Pune to know what things you want to bring into your new home and the tasks you are going to do.

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List of the Items to Get Rid of Before Moving

You have many rooms to purge. So, start one by one to know what you want to discard. Here we will start with your bedroom and then move on to the other rooms. And last, declutter your kitchen because you will keep it used till the last day of moving. So, let’s see the things or items you should get rid of before moving.

Things to get rid of your bedroom

  • Old blankets – You might have kept your old blankets in your bedbox. If you think they are too old then you can donate them to needy people.
  • Old sheets– get rid of them if they are old or torn
  • Items in your closets– go through your closet and look for items like beat-up shoes, damaged goods, excess hangers, and jewelry and get rid of them.

Things to get rid of your bathroom

  • Expired skincare and hair-care products – well, these are simply not good to use so discarding them is a wise decision.
  • Shampoo and conditioner – always buy new toiletries at your new place. There’s no point to take unfinished bottles.
  • Cleaning supplies – If they are not new and it’s been a few months since you bought them, it’s time for the replacement.
  • Raggedy towels – no need to use them in your new home.

Things to get rid of your living room

  • Furniture – if it’s damaged, the size is not a right fit for your new apartment, or you want the new furniture pieces, then get rid of them.
  • DVD players – you might have this at your home, but now this isn’t worth keeping.
  • Empty picture frames and momentoes – these might be your childhood birthday gifts given by your friends to you, but you should discard them if they are damaged in any way.
  • Television – if you still have that CRT TV box, then you need to upgrade. And, if you have both then still there’s no point to carry the box TV to your new home.
  • Lamps – if you have too many lamps, then you can think about selling a few of them.
  • Magazines and old books – if you are going to use them, better to discard them.

Things to get rid of your kitchen

Things to get rid of your kitchen

  • Unused appliances – if you don’t use your appliances like air fryer, toaster, stand mixer, etc. then you can sell them.
  • Old mugs – minimizing the number of mugs you have will give you some cabinet space in your new kitchen. So, get rid of all those old and damaged and dirty mugs.
  • Utensils – get rid of all unnecessary utensils before moving from Pune to Chennai. This can be anything from dishes to serving spoons. If you haven’t used them for a long time, then chances are high that you won’t use them in the future as well.
  • Expired packaged food – before packing the packaged food, check the expiration date. Discard them if they are already expired.

Although these things do not weigh too much individually, when you will count them in the total shipment weight, then they will increase the weight to the extent that will affect your moving cost. So, when you plan your move with packers and movers Chennai to pune, then you should get rid of all these items that can increase your moving expenses.

In Conclusion

As now you know the list of the items that can increase your moving cost, get rid of them before you move. however, it’s not necessary that you will find them unessential for you, but always check them once to know if you need them or not.

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