The Best Ten Inventions of the 20th Century


Human history has seen evolution concerning every sphere of life. However, in the 20th century, the world saw tremendous and unparalleled rates of scientific discoveries and technological advances, which in a great sense, extend to this date. It becomes difficult to limit the number to only ten, but there exist innovations that revolutionized the way of life across the globe.

Top Inventions of the 20th Century

The Best Ten Inventions of the 20th Century
The Best Ten Inventions of the 20th Century

Most individuals today use or benefit from a diverse range of gadgets or innovations that they hardly know their origins. To their credit, not anyone can know everything. Due to essay writing service reviews understanding the century and the most crucial innovations and inventions from that century can prove valuable in appreciating these inventions. So what top inventions happened in the 20th century and still prove valuable to this date?

  • Radio: The radio made it possible for individuals to communicate from thousands of miles apart without utilizing a wire. In as much as it still proves valuable in cars in a limited sense, during its inception, the radio was crucial just as cell phones, a microwave, or a TV applies today.
  • Antibiotics: It’s tough to imagine the world without penicillin or before its discovery in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. It saves lives from bacterial infections and diseases and thereby increasing the lifespan of humans. Antibiotics play a central role in curing typhoid, smallpox, among others, which ranks it as among the top discoveries of the twentieth century.
  • Television: TV sets play a core role in educating the masses, communication of current issues, entertainment, among others. Further, it can unite a family when sitting down for dinner, among other things. Well, it has disadvantages but ranks as an important invention.
  • The Airplane: The twentieth century ushered in an era where people could travel the world and making it easier to visit any place within the continent in record time. Planes now have additional uses, such as crop dusting, among others.
  • The Automobile: The twentieth century saw better utilization of automobiles in the transport sector, especially after the work of Henry Ford. Cars became easily accessible and affordable to a huge proportion of the ordinary person.
  • The (PC) Personal Computer: It becomes tough to live life today without computers let alone imagine a world without one. Almost every sector and person has become dependent on computers in working or getting entertained.
  • Rocketry: Rockets made it possible to visit other planets and celestial bodies such as the moon. It also plays an instrumental role in placing satellites in specific orbits around the planet earth.
  • The Submarine: Well, the initial submarine ever invented came into existence in the late 19th century though it was up until the 20th century that a functional modern submarine came about. The modern submarine plays a crucial role as a vessel in sea warfare, deep-sea research, and espionage.
  • Nuclear Energy: It’s a clean energy source with tremendous capacity in terms of efficiency and limitless practical applicability. The rider comes with its ability to get used in weapons of mass destruction though under excellent use, can prove valuable.
  • Xerography: It reduced the work one would do with their hands and made it possible to make photocopies and printouts.


The twentieth century saw a lot of discoveries and inventions, and the ones outlined consist of a few of the most impactful.

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