Download Torrent in unlimited speed with IDM, size limit 3 GB


Before closing it, Hive. I’ve been the best torrent leaching site. But unfortunately free things don’t stay more days. So this unlimited torrent leaching service has been closed after assumption. After that many people have faith on but size limit of this file is only 1GB. Speed is only 150 KB/ with which you download a torrent, would have been miserable. The end of all problems is in seeder Here you can download torrent arbitrary in unlimited speed with IDM. The Registration process of this site is also very easy. You will register just with E-mail and password, activation link will go into the mail and then activating account you can start to use.

How to download Torrent in unlimited speed with IDM?


At present a new torrent leaching site has come, the name is cider. The advantage of this cider is:

·     2GB storage.

·     Unlimited speed.

·     You can increase storage by sharing on Twitter and in Pintarest if you want.

·       Very fast.

Registration here:

Yes brother, it is a referral link. Not only I will not get an advantage, but you will also get. If you register normally, then you will more 2 GB but through this if you do then you will get 2.5 GB. And after sharing it on Twitter it can be 3 GB. In spite of this you can get till 4 GB bonus if you share link with it. You can get till 1 GB bonus if you review video in YouTube. So why are you getting late? Come soon in the world of cider.