Steps Involved in Keyword Research


Are you a small or a mid-sized business owner in New Hampshire, New England? If yes, you should not stay away from promoting and increasing the online visibility of your website. Contact an NH SEO company to ensure your business gets the limelight it deserves.

Keyword Research

New Hampshire is famous for its historical importance and played a significant role in the American Revolution War. It is also called the ‘Granite State’ for its granite quarries. Owing to its historical significance and rich natural resources, the state is home to several people involved in tourism and granite mining. Surrounding these people’s lives, real estate, professional business services, manufacturing, and many other small and medium-sized businesses have emerged. Under such circumstances, it is pretty challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving marketing strategies adopted by competitors.

When promoting your website through content, keyword research tops the priority list for SEO experts. Keywords are search terms used by your audience to look for information on the Internet. You can post content based on these terms. This article tells you about some steps involved in the keyword research process.

Create a list of relevant topics according to your business

List of relevant topics on SEO

Come up with some topics you think are essential to your business and use these to find out specific keywords later on. While thinking about the ideal topics, put yourself in the buyers’ shoes to understand what type of content can bring your business to the forefront and what kind of topic would your target audience search for so that they find your business?

Incorporate keywords in those topics

Incorporate keywords

When the topics you wish to focus on are ready, the SEO expert will single out keywords you desire to rank for in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your target audience is most likely searching with those specific words.  This process does not give you the final keyword list. It is an idea of phrases that you think your potential audience may use to look for content associated with the particular topic. To enlighten yourself about the keywords used to find your website, use Google Analytics or other website analytics software. Go to your website’s traffic sources and filter through the organic search traffic bucket to know the keywords that fetch visitors to your website.

Grasp the impact of intent on keyword research and analyze accordingly

Keyword research and analyze

Whether or not your content addresses a user’s problem is crucial in ranking your site on search engines. In the current times, you simply cannot mention a keyword in the content and get ranked. For instance, if the content is NH SEO, you cannot write a piece of content on SEO and mention NH (New Hampshire) somewhere for the sake of writing. You will have to include some information about the place and link it to the topic. You may write about the different types of businesses in the area or focus on the state’s history and then connect it to the subject of SEO. Keyword research is the stepping stone for any sustainable SEO strategy for your small business in New Hampshire. The research will lead you to a long list of keywords for which you want to be found and ranked. So approach an NH SEO company and get started.

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