Do you know what the first 10 most corrupt countries are in the world?


Financial corruption has revealed publicly over the world. Financially poor or rich countries there is no difference among them in case if corruption.

List of the world’s most corrupt countries.


The world’s 10 most corrupt countries:

#1. Nigeria:


From taking bribe of a Government officer to dissipate money in Government projects, even, financial fraud by non-Government organizations. This country is glorious for such all achievement. It has been said, taking bribe in this country has reached such a stage that, people demand bribe instead giving the direction of the road.

#2. North Korea:


Top leader Kim Jong and his family are very best corrupted peoples in this country. According to North Korean residents, there is no development of the country. Yet, when all money enters of development projects, then it goes in the name of Kim.

#3. Somalia:


For long decades to today Somalia is devastated by civil war. There is no permanent governor till now. As head of corruption, this country has attracted the world’s attention.

#4. Iraq:


Now prosperity is happening in this devastated country. But, the complaint is the money for the development’s several projects are going to dissipate.

#5. Afghanistan:


Before one decade, Afghanistan was also Non-developed and devastated by civil war. But, now there is happening prosperity. And money of development projects has gone into some individual men’s pocket.

#6. Sudan:


Sudan is another corrupted country. Only the men of this country involve in envy to keep their corruption maintain.

#7. Venezuela:


After death of Hugo savage, now this country faces financial crisis terrible. On the one hand corruption of leader and elite society and decreasing the cost of oil in the world market corruption has happened firmly in the chest in Venezuela for these two effects.

#8. Livia:


After the fall of Gaddafi, now this country is devastated in envy. Livia had been finished totally by the corruption of Gaddafi and his family. But, in his place who have lead this country, they also have involved in the net of corruption.

#9. Eritrea:


A small country which is close to Red Sea. But, in the list of first 10 most corrupt countries, this country has also the name.

#10. South Sudan:


One more Sudan. Here also main and important subject is corruption.

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