How to Get Traffic From Images


How to Get Traffic From Images

While it’s Particularly Crucial for e-commerce websites, Any type of business can benefit from optimizing their images- including yours. A natty pie chart. Your new project manager. The Parisian skyline. Whatever they show, your images should be SEO-Ready.

Now, The question is How to Do it?

Get Traffic From Images
How To Get Traffic From Images

A Descriptive File name Should be chosen:-

When you look at an image You can easily tell what’s going on pretty much instantly. Google’s Search spiders are not so much clever. Yet. So, For Now, You need to explain things for them. Using Words. Google is comfortable with words. And the more obvious you make it, the better.

Before Starting about the topic, You should be familiar to you with the traffic one gets using images. Well, visual Content makes your article Strong. Suppose an Article without any Photos, Anyone may find it dull and boring to read. So, Images play an important Role in an Article.

How to Get Traffic From Google Images

Around 10% of Main traffic is generated from This Shows how big Amount of traffic is drive using Google image.

Google image gets more than 1 billion views a day.

So, With the above concern, it is sure that we are dealing with a huge number of traffics. Even the ordinary search Brings up images result.

All you need to learn how to drive traffic using google image. All you need to learn is how to optimize your image for Google.

How to Optimize Images for Google

1. Well at first you must be familiar with SEO basics. If You are not, You aren’t ready to read this article. Images Rank the same as sites do. So, we have to learn how to be in position 1 on page 1 of the SERPs. With something new, difficulty always increases. Basically, image Search is densely Populated as you get to see a total of 5 to 6 photos in a row. Whatso, It totally depends on the quality of the picture that is provided. One can take the trick to Drive traffic using Google images but it is only the quality of the picture that will get him good traffic in the future.

Well, Don’t lose hope, You need to Optimize Your Photos Otherwise it will get lost in the SERPs. Like keywords SEO for text websites, You have to use image SEO for photo Website.

The first step to drive traffic using google images is to edit your file names. Edit the keywords.

Get Traffic From Google Images

2. Secondly, You need to modify your image alt tags. This will help the search engine know what your image is actually about. Alt tags must be always in keyword oriented. This helps your drive traffic using google image. Don’t act smart and don’t try to stuff as many keywords as you want. This can get your website reported.

3. Use tools like compressor or to minimize the size of your photo. You may think I am taking non-sensible but keep this in mind compressing your image can help it to load faster which can help you drive traffic using Google image easily.

So, as you know how to optimize your image, we can move forward.

Creating Unique Images

To be Truthful Sometimes this stock Photography sucks. It is Okay sometimes but to drive traffic using Google image, It needs to get an original image which can truly reflect the image and originality about your article. Unique Pictures can easily beat out stock images at any point at the moment. Well, You need to believe me otherwise You are taking your website to the wrong way.

Picking up Related Keywords

The coolest way I have ever met across is this. Picking some related keywords can drive traffic easily without much error. You just can’t stop at your focus keywords. Using of Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) is also important. It sounds complicated, Right? Well, it isn’t so, the chart below will explain it easily.
The Two SEO keywords sound similar comes up with a different search result. I know you won’t believe me, You can try it out yourself. You can drive traffic using Google image with the help of LSI Keywords in alt tags, Try to use it only on your most popular pages.

Usage Of Relevant Images

Stop piling up Your Page with irrelevant pictures. That doesn’t make any sense. Try to keep it short and crispy, that can help to drive traffic by the use of google image. You may go with rarely pictures found on the internet. You can try pictures of the actor and actress that can help you drive good traffic. Infographic can be used to strengthen your SEO Keywords.

Name Every Image With Keywords

Your business is found Through Your Images, so, Your Images, are therefore your business, It will be easily found Through Your Images If you give them names with keywords in them. Suppose If you are selling a product, Provide the name of it. And if an object, like a blond cocker spaniel, Put those words in the title.

Most Cameras generate a random number like 678910.jpg. Take your time to re-name and to tag your images and you will be able to use them as the valuable business asset they are. Think stocked Photo sites, which can tag their Photos with keywords. Also remember that Google Has its own image search engine, so keywording and tags give you another chance for your content and site to be found.

Use alt tags when adding Images

Alt tags add a text description to an image and enable those who are visually challenged to access the content. Their page reader feature can read out the words Black Cocker Spaniel.