Some Extraordinary Exposed Framework Modules to Customise your Android Smartphone


Exposed Framework Module

There are so many customers who want to use their smartphone by customizing at its zenith point. For this customization, I don’t know the successful alternative of exposed framework. Some magnificent advanced configuration, settings, and other new features make it (the exposed framework) more popular. But, for the first time of using, most of the people lost their way by watching so many modules. You don’t blame them. After watching so many magnificent modules, a customization, user may lose their way. However, as anyone does not shuffle by watching these modules for them, I am bringing some modules in front of you guys which, if you do not use these, then your experience of using exposed framework never complete. Let’s take a look about some magnificent modules.

Lock Screen Mods

LockScreen Mods

“Lock Screen Mods” is small but easy and it is effective lock-screen- shortcut creator. You can use 6 slots in where you may assign the applications as you wish and which applications you can use very fast after opening the lock at necessary times.

The module is very handsome, it is very necessary and there is no bug in it. If you want to customize it, then you start the customization by using the lock screen mode.


If the size of the screen of your smart phone is large and if you want to use the multi window feature in your smart phone like flagship devices of Samsung, then you may use this module.

The method of using of this module is very easy, but for getting the highest funny your device screen size has to be 5″ or even larger than 5″.


Never Sleep

This module is not new but Never Sleep is one of the popular necessary modules among the other necessary modules in exposed framework.

Never Sleap

If you use this such type of application in your smart phone which you need to use it for a long time and you feel bothered if the screen off for many times during the time of using, then this module is for you. After installing this module you may make a list and your screen of your smart phone never goes into sleep mode during the use of the listed apps. For example: PDF reader in the case of reading a PDF file.

WhatsApp X

It is mainly an extension for WhatsApp through which you can save the conversations by using the password. You also hide the message preview of WhatsApp, you also conserve the important messages. You also enjoy the advantages along with the making of schedule for giving the reply.

whatsapp x

Gravity Box

The “Gravity Box” module is the highest popular and most used among the other modules. By using this module, you may change the interface as well as all of the settings of the smart phone. But, during the time of installing, you have to install it along with the matching of the version of your operating system. For example: Gravity Box [MM] is for Marshmallow, Gravity Box [LP] is for Lollipop, and Gravity Box [KK] is for Kit Kat.

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