10 Tips To Become a Topper In Class


Indian government services or Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is considered as the toughest exam in India. Only those people who have a successful career can sit in this exam. For an examiner in this exam to be a topper is far away, it is like a dream to pass in this exam, but we know that the dream takes a reality indeed. Therefore, today we are going to talk about someone who despite being repeatedly failed, had top rank in the UPSC. she is Rukmani Riar.

Rukmani Riar
Rukmani Riar

She was admitted to boarding school only in her childhood, but Rukmani was not among those girls who were used to stuck among the four walls in discipline, she wanted to live freely without any obstacles. But there was a lot of discipline in the boarding school, she was not able to take the pressure, her study was decreasing day by day due to which she failed in class 6th after failing we may have many negative anxieties inside us, we have to hear many things from the people, because of which many people even try to attempt suicide. After failing even Rukmani had to hear many things from her family members, relatives and friends due to which little Rukmani of the 6th class had to face frustration. but she did not stop here, she herself stood up again and kept preparing herself in the hope of getting a new life. after failing she had learned a lot in her life, which repeatedly focused her on success due to which she has topped many times in class and also in college. and in this way, her life changed completely. regardless of coaching, Rukmani got the second position in UPSC. Which is considered as the hardest exams in India, Rukmani clearly showed that meaninglessness can never stop success. to top and success is not impossible. Do not get frustrated, do not break, to become a topper you have to set your mind and make the goal of your life stable.

Actually friends, people who are topper follow some secrets that they do not want to share with anyone but today I will tell all the secrets to all of you. ordinary students think that to the top there will be a lot to read, we have to complete the syllabus as soon as possible, have to revise again and again, time management will have to be done, daily study routine has to be created. We have to do all this, but beside this, there are many things which students ignore due to which they move away from Being a topper so today I Will tell all those secrets which will make you ready to be a topper.

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Follow the Tips Below to Become a Topper In A Class

#1. Create A To Do List:

To-Do List

If I speak the truth, the person who is the topper tops in his own style. like, when you people comment again and again and ask me to make a timetable for you and how can you invest your time in study. I think the answer of all these questions knows no one better than you. Because neither I know what subject you have, nor I know in which time you are free. In which style do you like to study, I mean while listening to songs or playing pinball, you will know that better than me, right? so you yourself have to make your study routine. That’s why every day after waking up in the morning or before sleeping at night the day before make the to-do list so that after waking up in the morning you should know that which things you have to study for how much hours and which subjects you have to study. And if you cannot work according to the list try to recover it the next day.



If you talk about this year’s 2018’s Joint Entrance Exam (advanced) Pranav Goyal – he is a student of Haryana’s BHAVAN VIDYALAYA PANCHKULA. In JEE advanced 2018, out of 360 he scored 337 and acquired the first position. just see his preparation, when he was in class 9th he thought at that time only that after passing the joint examination he will do engineering in computer science, after completing engineering to increase his experience he will do a job for 2 years, after that he will do MBA then he will begin his own startup.

Pronav Goyal

Then see, where is his focus and from so early he had set up his goal. That’s what we always try to tell you that set your goal, set your goal-and success will be in your hands. You will surely get success. So the thing you have to do is, we have seen in the last point to create a to-do list, and according to the list completing 100% should be the main goal in your mind and go ahead. In the beginning, if you cannot complete 100% task but one day you will obviously be able to do it.



At first, you have to love study, but it does not mean that you will always have to sit with your books and study, you have to study for 12 hours 14 hours, the way you like a burger, pizza, golgappe. The way when you see or play your favourite game at that time with which love and concentration you see or play the game in the same way with the same love and concentration you have to study. Then you will like whatever you study. And when you will like to study the way you play then you will have an attraction towards study in your mind, you will be eager to know more things, books will also become your friends and study will become a daily habit to you and you will become deserving to be a topper.


students in a classroom

Whereas much knowledge is earned have as much profit, if you have noticed you will see that those who are class toppers they do not study for the whole day, they do every class with full attention. That’s why both in class and in the tuition whatever the teacher says we have to listen to it with concentration. And in most of the class, the topics which the teacher teaches in the class have more possibilities of coming in the exam, that’s why every class is very important. A teacher always wants to teach a hard topic as easily as possible. And if you listen to his teaching, you will easily understand whatever he teaches, and if you did not understand ask questions to the teacher and the teacher will not feel irritated rather, he will teach the topic with more interest.


Searching on Google

We know that if we do visual learning in any topic then that study will be more effective to us. Like- if we take the movie MS. Dhoni, if that would be a story of our textbook rather than a visual then would that be in our mind the way it is now? It would have never been. That’s why always try to do the visual study on the topic which you are reading in the book. And you can take YOUTUBE as the source of the visual study. for example, if you want to see how volcanic eruption happens or want to make a demo model if you do it only by reading the book then you will not understand it clearly. But if you see a video presentation of a volcanic eruption on YouTube then you will understand the concept very easily in a very short time and will also be able to make a model of it.


Girl reading a book

Someone like to discuss about Mathematics, someone about English or someone about literature, we cannot sit by taking only one subject right? If you do it then what will happen to the other subjects? That’s why to become a topper you have to be strong in every subject. You will be strong in your favourite subject that’s obvious; simultaneously you will also have to be strong in other subjects. If you find any topic or subject more difficult, then you have to research more about that topic. You have to keep that topic at the beginning in the TO DO LIST. After reading again-and-again if the topic is not yet clear then you have to search it on the internet and you have to continue your research till it’s not clear to you.


Avoid last moment preparation

Most of the students’ study according to the suggestions, at the last minute they give their exam by depending on the suggestions. Many of the students among them score good marks but they never become a topper because there are many questions in exam which do not come according to the suggestions, and it does not seem possible to answer those questions, a topper is one who always study by maintaining the TO DO LIST, and always attend every class.


Summarize content

Whenever you will study any topic, while reading highlight the important topics using a highlighter.  By this, what will happen is- it will be easy for you to summarize. Because at the time of examination when you will see that topic, you will just have to read the highlighted parts to remember the summary, by this at the time of examination you don’t have to study notes of 10 pages, you have to just read the summary. And when you will revise you don’t have to study so much. You just have to read the small summary, by this, your time will be saved and you can also use the saved time in other work, which means you can utilize your time.


Clear Handwriting

To have a good result in the examination good handwriting is not needed but to become a topper you must have it. We are not saying that your handwriting should be flawless. Whatever you write that must be neat and clean, whoever checks the copy should understand it. I will never say that everyone has a good handwriting, and having good handwriting will make someone topper it’s not like that.


Write to the point answer

If you want to become a topper then write to the point answer. Many people might talk about filling the whole answer script, but you do not do it. You always try to write the proper answer, there is no need to talk about rubbish. A teacher always looks for quality in the answer, he never looks for quantity. If needed when you have to write an answer in your own way, write it using reference and formula. Not by memorizing, keep the individuality of the answer of the question.

So friends, behind a student being a topper these 10 secrets are always there, but with these a topper must have one more secret that is,–



We all know that whatever we do in anger always fails, that’s why we always have to maintain a cool mind. For that we need a break, continuously engaged in the study will never be effective. We have said earlier also that a person can concentrate on a topic continuously for 10 minutes, then slowly-slowly the concentration level decrease. So, on the day of examination keep your mind cool and do meditation to stay cool.

So friends, today you are familiar with 10 smart secret tips. Follow these tips from now only, then you can also become a topper. And if you have any other secret tips then please share it with everyone in the comment section. See you again in the next video, till then THINK POSITIVE, DO POSITIVE AND GO AHEAD… THANK YOU…

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