Six Tips to Stay Positive After A Breakup


Breakups can be a tough thing for anyone to handle, but there are ways to keep positive through this difficult time and by following today’s tips, you’ll be feeling like your happy old self in no time at all.

Stay Positive After A Breakup

Remember Everything Happens For A Reason

Firstly, you need to accept the breakup. We do understand that while things are still raw this may be difficult but know that the universe has your back and is likely saving you from even more heartache later down the line.

Give Yourself Some Positive Affirmations

We all need a little self-love sometimes, and especially so after a breakup. Remind yourself daily of all your good traits and how much of a good person you are. I like to pick three things each morning that I like about myself, whether they’re physical or otherwise and look in the mirror and tell myself them and I think this will work for you too. Try it for 30 days and see the difference it makes in your self-esteem.

Work Out

It’s a proven fact that working out releases all-important endorphins and after a breakup, you’ll benefit from a large dose of them. Exercise is a happiness hack and even if you feel that getting into workout mode is hard in the beginning, if you stick with it, you’ll come out feeling positive, motivated and proud of yourself.

Work out

Catch Up With Friends

Many of us are guilty of not paying as much attention as we’d like to our friends when in a relationship, but now that you’re single it’s a perfect time to catch up on lost time. We’re not recommending that you pick up and drop your friends as you go from relationship to relationship but they’re the people who’ll be there for you through thick and thin and will bring you out of your funk.

Set Some New Life Goals

Goal setting is known to have numerous mental health benefits. Perhaps there’s a vacation you’ve always wanted to take or a new business venture you’ve put off because you “didn’t have the time”. Now is the perfect opportunity to make that time. You’ll find just after a breakup, you’ll feel kind of lost or even bored because you’re so used to doing things with your partner. Diving into a new project is a great way to stay positive, move on, and make the most out of a poor situation.  

Practice Meditation


Meditation is the perfect thing for those who need to completely clear their minds and try and be more present. It’s a go-to technique for Bethany Johnson, a spokesperson for In a statement to us, she said that “meditation is the key to easing your mind during a rough patch in your life. Although it can be difficult at first, you’ll find that with regular sessions your mind will gradually begin to relax and your anxiety and negative thoughts will just melt away. I practice a regular self-care routine which includes yoga, meditation and using essential oils such as lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang to keep my mind and body at ease,” she said.

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