Seven Smart Tips on Using Credit Cards


Meanwhile, we have no sufficient money in our pocket, then forcefully we use a credit card to buy our desired things. We use it during the time of buying, then every month we have to pay the bill and then we face so many problems. Let’s know the tips of being use credit card. Do you’ve any credit card? If not, then please read this article about: Best prepaid credit cards for making international payments

How to use a credit card?

Seven Smart Tips of Using Credit Card

#1 Automated Payment: It is a foolish task to pay minimum rate. But, in many times, it does not match the pay check or salary date with the date of credit card bill payment. So, you do automated minimum payment to avoid penalty fee or to pay more money with late bills. Registered with card means you never miss the payment date. If the salary has come in a/c then you give the payment for the second time to avoid from more interest.

#2 To change the date of Payment: Do you know that by talking with the institution you may change the credit card billing date. By calling to the institution you confess your problems with them and make a request to change the billing date. If they do not agree with you, then you ordered them to cancel your card. After hearing it, then they must change their date. Because, any institution does not want to lose any costumers.

#3 Keep remain in the half of the Credit Level: You must keep the bill of the credit card under the bottom half of your maximum credit limit. The interest will be increased, if the bill will be much higher. When you will watch that it will increase the half level, then you put the credit card off for some days. You pay the money, then you use the credit card again.

#4 Do not leave it: If you do not use a credit card you don’t leave it. So many people hide their credit card in somewhere for reducing the use of it after paying more bills. Then, you have forgotten it. But with a little bit of money on each month then your credit will increase.

#5 Give Full money: While you want to disable your card, then you pay the full amount at the time. Even the rest of the interest. Even if you do not pay the bill after the card off, then the bill of your interest can come. You do not understand it, then you will involve with the company in unnecessary murmur. So you pay the billing amount before closing the card. Keep the evidence of your closing card.

#6 Keep Low the Fixed Interest Rate: Fixed Interest Rate Interest does not mean that you will remain the same interest rate. Fixed Interest Rate means you have to tell before 15 days. But since we do not read well, so the bill statement Interest rate increases cannot understand it. You can interest them for less interest rate. If they do not want to admit it, then you reject the old card and issue the new card.

#7 Do not withdraw money: Read the statement carefully. Then you will be able to understand that how wrong is it? Although low interest rates to buy a thing, if you withdraw money, then the interest rate keeps remaining to grow as an oiled wheels.

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