How to write a blog? [Blog Editing]


If your blog is 100% perfect then I will say you don’t need to read this lesson. But you can see by match, what is the problem in it? Don’t scrawl design of your blog. Make design smartly of your blog. As the man like smart design, like that search engine also likes that. So your blog’s design have to be smart. You may use a premium theme for your blog. I highly recommend you for reading my previous article on “How to Write a Good Blog Post“.

How to write a blog?

Blog Writing
Blog Writing

Don’t keep blog’s page haphazardly. Keep that decorated. Not writing the name of HTML colour, use colour code. Your website’s structure have to be such that from home page to all page can be gone very easily because visitors don’t understand well. If they don’t find easily then they go from that website and never comes. So keep your blog in such a way that keep such interface, seeing which anyone can use your blog very easily without any problem.

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You have made a blog for income so there will be advertisement obviously, isn’t it? But Google will see it for extra advertisement + users will get disturbed. So one time they will not visit your website ever. So give the advertisement, it is ok but keep the limit in that. Feel yourself an user once then how will you like it. If advertisement would give just not giving any program in TV channel then anybody would see this or will anybody want to see also if giving a program for 10 minutes and advertisement for 20 minutes, no. they will feel disgusting. So give the advertisement, it is ok but that doesn’t disturb users.

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