Powerful Exercises You Need To Follow For Healthy Joints


Healthy joints are the blessing that allows us to move, jump, run and twist. You cannot enjoy life if you miss any of the activities. Joint forms when two bones come together. Bones are covered with a smooth layer of white tissues, known as articular cartilage. This white tissue layer allows you to move by distributing compression.


CDC suggests the people who have joints issues do low-impact aerobics exercises. Make sure that you go for exercises at least three or four times a week.

If you are suffering from a joint issue, you can understand the pain and how it interferes with daily routine tasks. To increase the flexibility to move, you should learn about the effective natural ways that can make your everyday task easier. My family rheumatologist in Lahore always suggests my parents to avoid physical inactivity as it causes various health issues.

Practice Physical Activities to Avoid Joint Problems

  • Walking 


You do not need to buy any expensive running machine to relieve the pain of joints. All you need is to go outside and walk with your friends. Walking helps to reduce the overweight and allows you to improve your digestion process. Walking can also affect your bone health and lead to a heart-healthy life.

  • Go for Swimming

According to research, water helps to stretch your muscles. You need to go swimming as it will help you to soothe your joints. Consistent swimming helps women and men to relieve many body pains. You can also join a water aerobics class. Women are more likely to have positive results of swimming than men.

  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge/Hip Thruster

Sitting for a long period does not allow you to move actively. Such body posture also causes the soft lower back and bowed you forward. Single-Leg Glute helps you to activate the posterior and improve the back muscle strength.

Single-Leg Glute Bridge
Single-Leg Glute Bridge

You should start this exercise back on your mat and put your arms down. Bend your knees by planting your knees close to your hips. Straighten your legs. Clench your hip muscles and try to press your hips to the sky.

  • Cycling 

We can say that cycling is a kind of aerobics class. But you need to be careful while cycling. You should choose a cycle that you can easily carry and have good handling and stability.

  • Yoga


Yoga relaxes the body muscles and also leaves positive effects on the overall body. It increases coordination and positions the joints. If you are suffering from joint pain, you need to join yoga classes, or you can watch online yoga videos.

  • Improve muscle health Pilates

To improve your muscles, you should need to control your muscles. Pilates strengthens the muscles and copes with joint pain as well. It also improves body posture that is very helpful to manage stress issues.

  • Weight machines 

Stronger muscles
Stronger muscles

If you live near a gym, you should join it to make your muscles stronger. Never go with a heavyweight in the early days but start with the light ones. You should lift the weight for 3-4 days per week. Ask your instructor to guide you and notice what improvement you have. In case you feel pain in the joints, you should back off.

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You need to change your diet plan and switch to joint-friendly food, such as:
  • Add whole grains to your diet as it can lead to reducing chronic joint pain.
  • Try to put colorful fruits on your plate.
  • Garlic cloves are beneficial for joint muscles.
  • Brassica vegetables regulate the immune system and allow you to feel good.
  • Beans improve the kidneys’ health and also strengthen the joint muscles.

What other things should you consider for the prevention of joint pain?

Diet Plan
Diet Plan

A healthy lifestyle can protect you against many joint problems even in your late 60s.

  • Maintain the healthy weight
  • Eat to strengthen your muscles
  • Avoid high impact exercises
  • Stay physical active
  • Try to add an anti-inflammatory diet to your plan
  • Increase the intake of vitamin D and calcium


Researchers from Jamiat Hospital say that we should follow the exercise that gives us pleasure. If you have a chronic condition, you need to get help from a professional trainer besides your medications. Make sure that you do not choose an unhealthy diet while exercising.