Pass/Fail Strategies in Pre-Board Exam For The Students


If any student fails in Pre-Board exam, will he/she be eligible for the Board exams or not? How much important is it to pass in the Pre-Board Exam?

Actually, if we look at the most popular sports- cricket in our country, we will see that when cricket was started, i.e. when cricket was born, there was nothing like one day or T20, there was only Test Match. That was the defeat or win measure. Later, One Day match and T20 Match achieved popularity, but the importance of Test Match never reduced. The way, the secondary or higher secondary board examinations are important for the students, in the same way, Pre-Board Examination is also important for the students.

Importance of Test Cricket
Importance of Test Cricket

Many think that the pre-board exam is not so important! I will pass it anyway, and if does not, that is not a big deal. The school itself will pass on its own, otherwise, the Guardian will call and then I will be passed, it usually happens. Even, many students think that my father is the secretary of the school or a member of the school, I am going to pass anyway. For those who have such thoughts, I will tell them to come out of such imagination. Yes, you will tell me why we would come out; the guardian will ask the school to pass. Yes, you might be right somewhere, schools did this before, but will not pass it anymore; no educational institution can do this now. If you want to know why not, then watch this video till the end. If you look at the end of the video, you will understand yourself, presently how important it is to pass the pre-board exam.

But before that friend, if you don’t want to read this long article, then you may watch our videos. We’ve made 3 videos on this topic in the three languages (Bangla, Hindi, and English).

Is it important to pass in the pre-board examination (Video)

So let’s know, as earlier if a student fails in the pre-board examination, why would a student not be passed? Why he would not be eligible to appear for secondary or higher secondary board examinations?

Because it is the strict and final decision of the education board. On this decision, the Parents also agreed. Their claim is that their children should get good marks in the secondary board examination. In most educational institutions, it is found that students are passed in the pre-board examinations due to the teacher’s good relationship with the parents or by taking money, as a result, these students fail in the 10th boards, which results in poor results of educational institutions, the reputation of the educational institution becomes bad, due to which the education board is forced to accept the decisions of the parents. Whether he is the ward of a minister or of the President’s, he will have to pass the pre-board examination in the secondary or higher secondary board examinations.

Pre-Board Exam
Pre-Board Exam

Now everyone has this one question in their mind, till now it was going on this way, then why did the education board make such a decision?

The Education Board has replied that education institutions have been working to break the rules for so long. Basically, the education board decided to make such a decision to stop the irregularities.

Till now, the students who failed in the pre-board examinations, were given the facility of appearing for the board examinations, in exchange of financial benefit, and it was also seen that by changing the institution the students were illegally able to appear for the examination, but from now it will not happen as the education board have taken strict steps- students who will fail in the pre-board examination will not be able to appear for the secondary or higher secondary board examination in that year. Education Board has already sent letters to educational institutions. Even the Education Board has also said that the question paper which will be prepared for the pre-board exams in different institutions, they will judge the quality of the question paper that whether it is appropriate for the students or not.

Test Question Paper
Test Question Paper

The Education Board also has a complaint that many educational institutions do not wish to pass the examiners – for the purpose of earning money, now the education board is also looking after this issue.

This rule has been issued that, the results of the pre-board examinations have to be submitted at the Board. The education board has also said that no re-pre-board examinations can be taken by educational institutions.

Pay attention to study, prepare for the upcoming test exam
Pay attention to study

So the students who are not at all serious about the pre-board exams, they should be a little careful, come out of the world of imagination, pay attention to study; now you have time. You may read, how to study, it is very important to pass the pre-board examination, only then you can give the secondary or higher secondary board examination and will score better results.

So dear students, best of luck for your upcoming pre-board examination, do your best. Till then, Think Positive, Do Positive and Go Ahead. Thank You!

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