Parks in Tenerife: 6 Great Open-Air Spots for Kids


Looking for a fun-filled family holiday in the Canary Islands? Visiting the parks of Tenerife can be a great idea! All you need for this is to be in a good mood and rent a car.

The nature of Tenerife is striking in its beauty. Gorgeous mountain ranges, fruit plantations, and evergreen trees are just some of the natural sights you can see on the island. In addition, there are many zoos and amusement parks. 

In general, you and your children will have a lot of places to have a great time in Tenerife. Let’s take a look at some great places to visit with the whole family!

Forestal Park 


Forestal Park is an amazing open-air adventure complex with many treetop rope circuits. You will find it in Las Lagunetas, a beautiful forest full of endemic Canarian pines. This famous protected area offers several treetop rope routes for people of all skill levels – extreme trails for adults and safe rides for kids. Don’t worry as your little adventurers will be under the watchful eye of the park rangers. 

Rope tracks consist of bungee ropes, suspension bridges, and also include active games. In general, Forestal Park has all the conditions for a breathtaking family holiday in Tenerife!

Loro Park


Located in the north of Tenerife, Loro Park is one of the most popular entertainment complexes in the Canaries. First of all, it is famous for its huge collection of parrots. 500 species of these wonderful birds live here. Moreover, some of them no longer exist in the wild! 

Loro Park has a separate zoo with birds and exotic animals as well. At the same time, the local botanical garden offers you a huge collection of orchids. Younger visitors will be happy to watch performances by winged artists and shows with dolphins, sea lions, and killer whales.

Teide National Park 


National Park is Tenerife’s main natural masterpiece. Firstly, it boasts a unique animal and plant world, and secondly, its hallmark is the Teide Volcano. The height of the volcano is about 4,000 meters and climbing to its top has long been an obligatory ritual for travelers from all over the world.

Some of them prefer to go up on the funicular. However, if you are a well-prepared climber, you can get there on foot. Volcanic bombs make a special impression in the park. They appeared as a result of a volcanic eruption and have an unusual composition. 

By the way, another good and easy way to view Teide National Park is taking a car trip from Arona to La Orotava. Many viewing platforms along the way will give you the most breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Pueblo Chico model village


Pueblo Chico is a unique place in the northern part of Tenerife. Located in La Orotava, it offers a collection of world attractions embodied in miniature models. They include striking architectural masterpieces, historical sites, and beautiful natural corners of the Canary archipelago. 

Children especially love Pueblo Chico. Indeed, they feel like giants among small volcanoes, dwarf forests, and miniature buildings.

Siam Park 

swimming pool

According to many, this is the best place to have fun in all of Tenerife. Siam Park provides a huge aqua complex that invites visitors to enjoy about 30 water slides. You will also have a great time on the lazy river running through the park. At one of the turns, the inflatable raft turns into a submarine and takes you into a tunnel with exotic fish. 

Most of Siam Park’s activities are suitable for adults and teenagers. However, younger visitors can splash around in the children’s pools. By the way, Siam Park also offers to learn the basics of windsurfing. Experienced trainers will teach you and your children how to ride the wave!

Jungle Park

jungle park

Jungle Park is another popular family holiday destination in Tenerife. This unique park impresses with tropical greenery and is also famous for its show program of eagles and trained predators. The zoo’s wildlife includes orangutans, leopards, raccoons, tigers, lions, hippos, and crocodiles. 

However, Jungle Park is not only about animals and birds. It’s about a botanical garden and an amusement park as well. The local rides make you feel like you are a traveler in the heart of the jungle.

Well, a trip to Tenerife is a great idea for an exciting weekend with kids. Another good idea is to rent a large van. Such a car will provide easy and comfortable transportation for the whole family. And don’t worry that it’s expensive, as there are many ways to save on passenger van rental and thereby make your trip budget-friendly!