Most Dangerous Places of the World


Hello friends! How are you? Today I will share an essential topic. The name of this topic is World’s most dangerous places. Here I list down of the few places which are more dangerous.

Most Dangerous Places of The World

Danger never comes after saying to someone. It suddenly comes into our life and we handle it carefully. But few places are situated in our world is more dangerous. Today, I will tell you about these dangerous places and I also tell you, which type of risk are situated in these places. Everybody likes to read horror stories and somebody likes to visit horror place.  Many people wait for a nice chance to read some horror stories or want to visit some horror places. But, we don’t think that in real haunted place or haunted house are already situated in our world. Today, I will give you some idea about these haunted places. These all places are known as a haunted place.

World’s most dangerous places

Learning about some world most dangerous places

Screaming Tunnel:

Screaming Tunnel is also known as shouting tunnel. It is situated near Niagara Falls. If you think you are a brave man, then you can go this site. This dangerous site is located beside Niagara Falls to New Work Toronto Railway Station. A big and famous farmhouse is situated in the south side of this tunnel. But, one night everything had been destroyed of this farmhouse because the fire burned. At that moment a little girl began to cry and tried to save her from the burden. After a few times, she came out from the jungle side door of this farmhouse. Then the girl tried to quench the fire and shouting for help. But, no one was there. So, the girl falls down in the tunnel and she died. From that time to today, if someone tries to burning match sticks, then a shouting and a ghost came out at the same time. Many people had been killed by the person ghost attack, who tried to burn match sticks. It’s surprising, but no one knows how the fire burned in the farmhouse.


Highgate cemetery:

Cemetery is located in Highgate, North London. When the sun sets, hare the atmosphere has totally changed and it creates an awesome environment. This location is called as the perfect location for ghost hunters. Headless sculpture and owl unusual sound – all things, made this place awesome. So, that’s why cemetery take no one place in London for dangerous location.


Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh fort, Rajasthan is one of the most haunted place in India. No one can dare to go the haunted place after sunset. Many peoples said that once upon a time a magical curse were condemned “all people of the Bhyangarh Fort will go to attend the suicide and everybody will die”. All ghosts are situated in this place. That’s why one day same situation came out and everybody died by attending suicide. After that ever died people are situated in this place than the people heard new sound and fallow awesome things.  Here’s the most surprising thing that every building has no roof. If anyone tries to roof so it automatically collapsed. That is the main cause to make this place more haunted.


Changi Beach:

Changi Beach is a beach located at the north-eastern tip of Singapore. This place is also famous as a most dangerous haunted place. Many people believe that, after the 2nd world war, Japan’s army soldiers unmercifully killed Chines soldiers. Japan’s soldiers think that all Chines soldiers are engaged and work opposed site of Japan, and they tried to destroy their country. In concern Chines soldier still remained on the beach as a silent witness. Since that time to today heard screaming and crying. Often addressed again deep hole found again at night. Which was used to bury the soldiers. The most surprising thing that, many people visiting the beach at night and they found Headless bodies of Chinese soldiers.

Changi Beach

So, friends if you are interested in ghost then you visit all these places.

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