How to lock Keyboard & Mouse


Lots of time we have seen that we need to Lock Keyboard & Mouse or disable keyboard & mouse. Check it out How to lock Keyboard & Mouse easily form this post.


Think, you are watching your favorite movie but at this moment someone is disturbing you by pressing any key on a computer keyboard – what will you do at that time?  Or, you have gone outside for your personal work without shutting down your PC – if someone accesses your PC at this moment then what will you do? So, I’ll share a software with you. The name of this software is “KeyFreeze”.

Lock Keyboard & Mouse

How to lock Keyboard & Mouse
How to lock Keyboard & Mouse

About KeyFreeze:

KeyFreeze is a FREE Windows application that blocks your keyboard and mouse without “locking” the screen.

Common scenarios:

  • Have your toddler watch a movie and safely bang on the keyboard
  • Your kids can safely Skype their grandparents without accidentally hanging-up/closing/muting
  • Prevent your pet from rebooting the computer while it’s doing something important

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How do you Lock Keyboard & Mouse?

Ans: Just run the application and click on “Lock Keyboard & Mouse” – your Keyboard & Mouse will lock within 5 seconds.

How do you Un-Lock Keyboard & Mouse?

To Un-Lock Keyboard & Mouse just press ALT+CTRL+DELETE then press Esc key from your keyboard.

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