How to Study After The Pre-Board Exam?


All of you know that after pre-board exam, we get two to three months, after that we appear for secondary and higher secondary board examination, the better one can manage this time, the better he can result in the Board Examination.

In many cases it is seen, someone had a very good result in pre-board, he then becomes over-confident, as a result, he neglects his studies a little bit and the effect is seen in his secondary or higher secondary results.

But friends, the real problem is that each student have a confusion that, after pre-board exam, how will they manage their timetable, how will they maintain their routine, and how will they study, many of such questions revolve around their mind, because before the pre-board exam, they had a different timetable, suddenly they don’t understand how will they change it, because they went to school till now. But now after the pre-board Exam, there is usually a Study Leave, as a result, you get a lot of free time which was your school time earlier, how will you maintain that time? So boss “टेंशन लेने का नहीं, देने का है”. Today we will tell you how to study after the pre-board exam.

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First, Find out your free time and make a new timetable again:

Yes Again, because your old Time Table will no longer run. So engage yourself in thinking which times of the day you are free and choose those times and make a study routine. Since the school will be closed after the pre-board exam so, you will get a lot of free time; surely add that time in your study routine. Even after scheduling this timetable, the questions that revolve around mind are – how to study each subject? How to cover all topics? How it will be better to revise? So, friends, the first thing I am going to talk about –

How to study each subject?

I will not tell you to sit for study right after the day pre-board exam has ended. I will say, first do a plan. Collect all the question papers of the pre-board exam at one place. Analyze the questions again. Find out the answer of the question which you do not know. If possible, get a question paper from the nearby school or college. And take your own exam yourself. Solve a Question Paper on a daily basis. See how many percents of questions you can answer correctly. Try searching for those answers which you are not able to do yourself. If you cannot find or cannot solve, ask your teacher. In this way, find out your weak points and resolute them. The next question is –

How to cover all the topics?

In this case, as you have already given the pre-board Examination, it means that your whole syllabus is complete and if you have a little syllabus that is not completed, and then first finish the syllabus, then start revising. Revise every topic of the Syllabus and highlight all the important points with Highlighter so that you do not have to study the entire thing before the exam.

how to study after pre-board exam
Study Tips

How to study short questions?

Actually, there is no suggestion of short questions. You have to study everything, especially the Text Book. You may have noticed that there is an exercise at the end of each chapter; you will need to cover short questions from the exercise. Apart from these, there are many short questions in different Model Question Paper or pre-board Papers; you can write the answers to those questions in the question papers itself. There is no need to waste time by writing in a new notebook. And there will be no tension if all the short questions are covered from the exercises and Test Papers. The last question is –

How will you revise?

You do not have to revise everything. For that, you will need to see Syllabus based Marks Distribution once more. That is, you will have to see again from which chapter total how many numbers of questions will come. This means, that there is no need to revise the broad questions of 10 marks, from the chapter which have been allocated Total 5 Marks. But to know everything about the topics you need to study everything. Because from there, a short question can be given.

How to study after pre-board
How to study after pre-board

Now if you say –

What to study when?

Then I will say, give dummy exams every afternoon. And give it for a long time. This means, three hours for 100 number of exam. Exactly three hours – do not take even a single minute more than that. If you study in a coaching class then ask the teacher to set the questions or to take an exam and to check the answer sheets – if any answer is wrong, then he will make the correction. And if you do not study in a coaching class, you can set your own question from different Model Question Papers. In this way, one by one gives exam of every subject each day. And at night make the corrections, make sure to remember where you are wrong and solve all the question – answers at night and again in the morning prepare yourself for the new exam. In this way, after the pre-board Examination, maintain the Daily Routine.

So friends, till now we have told you about how to manage time, now I want to give you some more tips, which will prepare you better for your final exam.

How to study after the pre-board exam?

How to study after the pre-board exam
How to study after the pre-board exam

#1. Don’t Judge Your Past Exam

Yes, you should only think about your upcoming exam- one of the greatest mistake that we all do is – after giving the exam if the exam has gone a little bad or the result is bad, then we think a lot about it, we cannot overcome the race, we continuously think about those things and worry a lot and we feel bad, its effect goes on our next examination- although every exam should be taken seriously. However, after giving the pre-board examination, try to focus on the upcoming exam only, it is not worth seeing how bad was the result of your pre-board examination, because it’s Already Over.

#2. Start Group Study:

It’s very boring to study every day alone so sometimes to get rid of this boredom call your best friend or friends. Or with 4 – 5 friends you can do group study once a week. But if you do not feel comfortable in group study or there are more gossips there, then you can relinquish yourself from there.

Group Study
Group Study

#3. Try Online Exam:

Nowadays Smartphone and the Internet are available to everyone, as secondary and higher secondary exams are very important so time should not be wasted during this period, and have to utilize that time, at that time give online exam by visiting different online sites. Even if you do not know the answer of any question, then search on the Internet.

#4. Breathing Exercise & Meditation:

Meditation and Breathing exercise will reduce – headache, mental pressure, and stress during studying, which will make you attentive and increase your concentration towards the study. You can also practice yoga and play games by which you will feel free. Your brain will never get rest if you spend the whole day among books. As everything needs rest, as well as our brain, also need rest. So rather than spending the whole day in the study room and increasing your stress take a break and go outside to make your mind fresh. You can take a little walk or listen to a soft music.


What will be your daily work after the pre-board exam?

Before going to bed at night you have to think, which exam will you give tomorrow afternoon? Then, in the morning, take preparation for that Subject. At afternoon, Dummy Examination – but by managing the three hours time. In the afternoon, take a little walk to make your Mind Fresh. And at night, checking the answers. You can yourself check the answers, but it is better if any teacher checks it, or if two of you i.e., you and your friend are giving the dummy exam at afternoon then two of you can check each other’s answers, and as soon as you check the answers, you can write the answers of the short questions in the Model Question Paper itself next to the questions. In this way, you will have to continue this dummy exam up to 7 days before the final exam. Although if it is not possible every day, you have to give Dummy Exam in every alternate day. Otherwise, you cannot improve the marks of the final exam.

Anyways friends, you have to practice a lot. I pray to God that everyone’s final exam goes very well; all of you can have a good result. However, if you do not study with concentration, my prayers will not be able to save you. However, friends, that’s it for today, see you in the next article/video. Till then, Think Positive, Do Positive & Go Ahead… Thank You!

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